Stormy Days

It’s been a stormy few days here in Phoenix, which is not normal. I learned that rocks and sand do not really like water too much. So there is water everywhere. There is more rain on the horizon, but for Ami, there are new projects to start.

I’m really excited!! My wonderful hubby bought my supplies yesterday. I made my first Twilight piece. It’s a bracelet inspired by Bella and Edward’s meadow. I have posted the pictures below. I also finished the bracelets for my beautiful nieces that match the bracelet their mommy bought. Also, while the hubby watched Conan (TEAM CONAN) on his cell phone and munched on Crunch ‘n Munch, I worked on Teresa’s bracelet last night.

I have SO many ideas for things that are floating around in my head. It’s hard to focus on one, or even take them on a few at a time. The other day, I thought of making some baby onesies, tie-dyed fashion. Think anyone would buy them? I have a new Amy friend who posts some of her Etsy stuff on Facebook. I saw a mans tie-dyed shirt and that is what inspired the idea. I’m still looking forward to the tutu idea. I’d like to make a few and have some pictures with my sweet Alie as the model before I offer them on Etsy.

Alie has a shopping cart cushion that I LOVE. It was a gift from my sister’s mother in law. I was checking it out the other day, and that little light bulb (that has been VERY active over my head lately) went off! I could make and sell those too! I could make them with any design someone would want. People are always asking about ours and I know you can buy them, but the styles are very limited. That might be a good seller…Ya think?

Pink Hemp Bracelets (for Nori, Angie, and April)



Twilight inspired “Meadow” bracelet



I’m currently working on plans for Twilight inspired jewelry. My husband thinks this concept is funny but….I’ll show him.

I just wanted to give a quick update and not leave everyone outta the loop. My sister is in town so I’ve had a bit of a break from all the jewelry making. I think though that today I shall embark on a necklace. Wish me luck

International….so cool!

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted on here. I’m already on sale number four. It’s all so exciting. I’m trying to learn how to balance the Etsy site, my daughter, making jewelry, being a wife, taking care of the house, and watching all the old Lost episodes before the new season starts. And of course, still find time to upkeep my FarmVille Farm! 🙂

I’m excited to share that I made my very first international sale yesterday! My hubby was so proud of me,and that made it even more exciting.

I got an Etsy email this morning from and it had a TON of useful information from a seasoned and successful seller (dishyvintage). I’m taking all of her tips and advice to heart. I’ve already completed her step one. I also got a some great advice from peacebird too.

OH! I almost forgot. I’ve officially begun the jewelry making adventure. It’s a lot harder than making hemp jewelry. I took me nearly 2 hours to make my very first pair of earrings. I’ve made 4 pairs now, and I’m getting a lot faster. I’ve been to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s to get ideas and supplies. There is so much to see. Have you ever seen the jewelry making isles? I get so overwhelmed thinking “what to choose? what to choose? what to choose?”. I mean, everything looks great!! Today, I think while Alie naps and I watch Lost I’m going to try for a necklace. I’ll let you know how that goes. Below are the Etsy shop links and the blog links to wonderful people who helped me today.

Tutu’s to showcase soon!


Forward Motion

Yesterday was SO exciting! It was AliLilly’s Opening Day!!

I could hardly sleep the night before just knowing that I would be adding all the items I’d been working on last week. I woke up early, took care of the sweet baby girl. Then, I started adding my items. I sold my very first necklace before I even added item 2! It was so exciting! Now, I have a new list of things to consider. I’m deciding whether I should send my handmade creations in an envelope? I want to buy some groovy looking tissue paper to wrap it in. Insert a thank you note, a business card, and the receipt. Then, place it in a cute box with a pretty tie around it. However, I have some budget restraints. Which is why I decided to do all this in the first place. In time Ami, all in time. I keep telling myself that.

My husband is excited now too! He bought me a new jewelry kit to work with. The kit is a bit intimidating, but, I am excited at the same time that I will be learning new techniques and sharpening my skills! It’s full of all these tiny pieces. I also needed a tool kit…..HA! a tool kit! I can’t wait to see how I do. There is just so much potential with this little adventure I’m on.

Next uptutu’s!!

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