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I have discovered the TRUE meaning of “blogging” and I love it!!  Unfortunately, I have gotten side-tracked by it.  It is much fun to see what everyone is doing.  I love making new blog friends and being inspired by all the awesome crafts everyone has.  Some of the stuff I have seen, I would of NEVER thought of.  Like Courtney with Between U and Me
I had to tell Courtney she has inspired me and I am ALREADY planning Alie’s 3rd birthday party!!
Kara with Craftastical made this Quilled Monogram Letter, OUT OF SCRAP PAPER! 
Teresa with Nestled In Rosenberg , made this framed piece of art from a DOLLAR STORE GIFT BAG.  Teresa is my hubby’s sister and I kept telling him “from a DOLLAR STORE GIFT BAG!!!” over and over again! 

My other sweet and wonderful sister-in-law Emily with DecorChick! ,added rhinestones to these DOLLAR STORE hurricane glasses.  How cute are these?!!

Stacy with Just Sew Sassy ,re-fashioned this $3 dress from WalMart.  The moment I FINALLY get my own sewing machine, this will be my first sewing project!!

There is SO MUCH greatness out there, I think I am going to HAVE to do a weekly “look at what I found” blog and feature some of y’all.  No really!!   I want to dedicate a day specifically to the wonderful things I find out in โ€œBloggyland!โ€ I am not sure what day exactly, but I have made a Featured by AliLilly button just for this purpose.

Now, as for my projects, these are a few of the new jewelry pieces I have, FINALLY completed.

The earrings below I could not quite decide on the bottom piece.  So I thought to do all three and let the buyer choose which base they liked best. 

I have a cute story to share with you, as well.  I was practicing making crepe paper flowers from a tutorial I found here at Alison’s blog Oopsey Daisy

I had made a few, but needed to start dinner.  I had to put them somewhere out of the reach of Princess Alie’s little grabby hands.  I placed them in an empty cloche I had.  They look so cute in there don’t they!?

As sweet as that looks, this is what I have decided to place in my VERY FIRST CLOCHE!!

As soon as I decide on a specific day to showcase y’alls wonderful projects and recipes, I will let everyone know.  I am also thinking of doing a giveaway from my AliLilly Etsy Shop, as soon as I reach 100 followers!!  What do y’all think??!

Kara, Courtney, Teresa, Emily, Stacy and Alison if you’d like you can grab my feature button!! Y’all are my very first features!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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34 thoughts on “Ami in Bloggyland”

  1. I get side tracked by it too!! I even had to get a notebook to write down all the projects and corresponding blogs for the things I want to try.

  2. Hi Ami, thanks so much for all the posts you added to my NEW linky party. If you could change it to Amaze me August I would so appreciate that. You rock girl, for thinking of another fellow blogger, and showing me some much needed support. I'll be back to see what you are up to, and I'm sure it will be awesome. Love your RED hair, btw, and your little one is adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Fantastic ideas!!! I can't wait to see what you do with the butterfly wall art I made with Avery over the weekend! Of course I had to return the favor and follow you as well! Plus you have a really cute blog =)

  4. What a fun & fabulous bundle of ideas and inspiration! I hear ya on getting sidetracked. There really are so many great crafty treasures & moments in Blogland. That's probably why I love spending time here! :>I hopped here from New Friend Friday and I'm glad I did! :>

  5. Such a fun post and full of adorableness! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great weekend and thank you so much for linking to my party at Frou Frou Decor! I hope you come by each week for more Fabulous Finds! ~Terrell @ FFD~

  6. Hey there! Yummy! Looks delicious! The tacos look great too! I would love for you to be the featured recipe blogger next week. Let me know! Have a great night!Mama Hen

  7. I can spend a whole day going through inspiring crafters blogs. It can be so addicting that I don't leave time for crafting myself!I really love those hurricane glasses. What a neat idea and so lovely!Thanks for visiting and following my blog. You now have 5 more to go til a giveaway,I am your new follower!

  8. Oh I so agree with you. I am constantly inspired by all the things I see in blogland. So much talent and inspiration. Love your cloche and both the flowers and the shell look fabulous. We have our fall cloche party coming up soon, this will be perfect. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. I love the bracelet and who ever made those bloomers I think those are just super stinkin cute too. I didn't realize I wasn't following, so I was really happy when I realized that and could be your 100th follower… Yeah for you!

  10. So many cute things! Normally I'd call out my favorite item, but they're all so great! Thanks for sharing them all with us! And thanks for linking up with me last week for Friday Favorites!

  11. I love the roses in the cloche! I gotta try to make some of those one of these days. Lord knows I have a ton of tissue paper left over from some pompoms I made. Thanks for the idea!

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