My Alice Marie


Isn’t it sweet how this is shaped like a heart. Alie is my heart!!

I laid in bed last night, looking at my sweet daughter and I decided today that I want to share a little bit of my Alie with y’all. 
Some of you know what a struggle it was to conceive her.  This month, will make seven years ago that I went “under the knife” for the first time in my life.  After a few attempts at getting pregnant and failing, we decided to see a doctor.  What the doctor found was a five pound benign fibrous tumor on my uterus.  That doctor wanted to take out everything. I was devastated  After we left that appointment, I couldn’t stop shaking.  I hadn’t even cried yet and felt like I was going to imploded.  David says “let’s just get a second opinion” 
I went to see a team of doctors, the best gyno team in Houston.  The lead Dr told me “Don’t worry. We will take this out and you will have a baby”  At one point during the description of what the procedure would entail, he said he would pop the tumor out like a coconut and proceeded to make a popping noise with his mouth. It’s funny how much it helped me feel better to hear that lil bit of comedy   I still think of it all the time.  Working together, in a 4 hour surgery, they removed the 5.1 pound tumor (which has been lovingly named “the ham” by my husband), while leaving my uterus intact.  I had a lot of scar tissue and was told that it would be difficult to get pregnant, but definitely something we could achieve.  The doctors helped me along the way with procedures, shots, and medications.  
Over. Five. Years. Of shot, procedures, and medications.  It was NOT easy!  I went through so many emotions.  The worst was the angry jealousy.  Jealous over all the other moms.  Angry over the moms that you heard about of the late night news that had no business being a mom.  I had a lot of talks with God. Some good talks and some probably sounded a lot like a spoiled selfish teenager that wasn’t allowed to stay out after 11pm.  Lots of “WHY”s!  There were many times that I wanted to quit. Many times that I couldn’t take any more poking, prodding, injections, or the horrid side affects of the fertility drugs. 
It wasn’t until my sister Nori bought me a combination of Chinese fertility herbs in a pill called Ovulex, that I got pregnant.  Two months into taking the herbs and after 5 years of trying everything just shy of IVF, I was pregnant.  One week later, I miscarried.  We were devastated.  I continued taking Ovulex not just to achieve pregnancy, but they also helped calm my painful periods and made me feel better.  It really is all about hormonal balance!!  Two months later,  I was pregnant again. 
This time I went on bed rest immediately!  One doctor of the team, became my doctor throughout this pregnancy.  She took wonderful care of Alice and I, calling her my ” precious cargo”.  Thirty seven weeks later, that doctor performed a successful c-section and delivering our sweet Alice Marie into the world.  She was a little early because the harden scar tissue on my uterus began to tear.  That feels just as terrible as it sounds!!  Alice was ready though, perfectly healthy and scoring a 9/9!!  She did get jaundice in the hospital and they tried to snatch her away from us.  After some tears and a lot of begging, they brought in the whole contraption with the UV lights into our hospital room.  The nurses told me it was the first time they had done that.  Alice was treated next to my bed and NOT in the nursery.  After so many years of trying, nearly giving up and excepting that I would never have a child of my own, I could not stand to have her away from me for even a moment.
Over these two amazing years of motherhood, I have discovered that I was created by God to be a mom.  It just feels like a natural part of my being.  I feel complete now.  There is nothing missing.  Alice is my heart, my soul and my every breath.  She is smart and fun.  She is sweet and loving.  She loves giving hugs and kisses. She is girly and precious.  She loves pink, butterfly’s, ladybugs, ballerinas and anything that has to do with a “pin-says (princess)”.  When she does something wrong, uhhh, if you could hear the way she says “I sah-weee” OH!  It just melts my heart.  Every moment, I am thankful to God for my sweet Alice Marie.  I am thankful to my amazing husband, because he works so hard so that I can stay home and raise our daughter.  There are countless cherished moments everyday with Alice.  If David didn’t work as hard as he does, I would miss out on them.

There are so many things I could share with y’all about my sweet daughter and this incredibly wonderful life I live.  I thought I would share my favorite pictures of Alice.  There are more pictures in my About Me, too.  Thanks for following me.  Thank you for your sweet comments and encouragement.  I love all my new blog friends as much as I love making more. 

The new parents. This is in the recovery room after the doctor delivered Alice.

Alice Marie just minutes after she was born.

Sweet Alie Marie 6/4/2008

Alie and her daddy

Alie and her mama

Alice in her going home outfit

The day we brought Alie home

Alie meeting her big sister Marli (my sweet step-daughter)

My silly Alice

What a cutie huh?

I’m all clean

My lil ladybug


Alie’s 1st Christmas

Happy trick-or-treaters! My dad, Alie, Me, David and Angie

Alie’s silly face
Happy Alice

The BBQ trek!!

Proud Daddy with his girls

Happy Alie Marie

Alie’s 1st Birthday

Alie in her Halloween PJ’s

Alie in the Halloween Tutu I made her

Alie’s 2nd Christmas

Cute Alie Antlers
The most beautiful girl in the world
Alie riding in her carseat

New Years day at the park

Alie Road

Silly Photo Booth Pic
Unpacking our apt and this is what Alie put on!!

Easter Egg Hunting
Alie with her cousins Angie and April in Houston

Alie with Grandpa and Grandma (my side) Daddy in the background


Alie in her Texans gear at the AZ vs. TX game in AZ. We may live in AZ but we are still TEXANS!!
My sweety Alie Marie!!

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17 thoughts on “My Alice Marie”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing that sweet miracle Ami! You're little darling is adorable and such a blessing! ps. I thought I was already following! what was I thinking!!

  2. What a beautiful post! Your daughter is a miracle and an absolute blessing! These pictures are beautiful! What a gift and thank you for letting your blogging friends be a part of your miracle.Mama Hen

  3. Hey Ami, wow what a story you have to tell your baby girl when she gets older. I am amazed at what some people have to go through to have a baby, while I can only imagine what it was like going through all that, I congratulate you on your little miracle. She is adorable, and I could feel you beaming with pride as I was reading this. I have always been so proud of my kids, and think they are simply amazing, but if I had to go through what you did to have them, it's almost as if that feeling would be a million times more intense. I am happy that you finally got the baby you have been dreaming of. Congratulations on your blog too, 100 woo hoo,, way to go girl. Keep up all the good work, you are amazing!!

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad to visit back and find these adorable pictures of your angel. She is really precious. Your story is wonderful!

  5. Thanks for the glimpse into such a personal story. She is beautiful. She has two of the most loving parents to go through what you have went through to have her. Amazing story. I love her name:) She is going to be one lucky little girl to have you as parents. The love you eminate in the photos is so touching…..makes me tear up.Can't help it your story is so moving.It is so good to see this kind of love as parents. May you be as blessed a family always.

  6. Oh goodness I just LOVED seeing all those photos! Your daughter is so gorgeous! What a touching story. I can sort of understand the pain of being told you cant have children.. after seeing my sister suffer from that. My sister for years wanted a baby desperately… she prayed, she got depressed at times, she went to countless doctors and finally she ended up doing foster care and eventually adopted 5 children. (you can read more about her story here: I could never tell is as well as she could. But anyways… Im so happy for your blessing. I can tell you are an amazing Momma! *hugs*

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