Gift Box Bows

I had a few Etsy sales last week.  My sister’s friend and coworker ordered 3 pairs of earrings.  One of which I had posted just an hour before.  It is always nice to think that something you made, only lasted an hour on the market!  Now, I did not have to ship the orders.  I gave them to my sister and she took them to her friend.  I decided to use some of the creative inspiration I have seen all over bloggyland.  I made some bows for the gift boxes I bought. 

We headed to Michael’s.  I bought 5 sheets of scrapbook paper.  It was 5 sheets for $1.  I bought 3 cute and little Chinese take out gift boxes @ .89 cents ea.  My husband thought it would be a neat idea to use an “A” on my packages to represent AliLilly.  I found these ADORABLE sticker letters.  With the 40% off coupon I used, they were $4.  Oh, and there are 312 letters.  Yes, for all you mathies that is 12 each!  I found a cute pack of buttons for $2. I had some left over crepe paper. 

So, I got busy.  I winged it, remembering different tutorials I have seen here and there online. 

I even went as far as matching the colors of the boxes and bows with the product.  I blame my Mom. Everything was matching and color coordinated growing up!!  I miss my Mommy! 🙁
Seriously, how cute are these!?!
I love the A’s! Great idea Hubby!

These are some practice bows I made from news paper, old scrap paper and crepe paper.  I made these the night before we went to Michael’s.

I got to use of the practice bows for my sister’s boyfriend.  We threw him a Birthday Party at my brother’s house over the weekend.  I made him some hemp bracelets.  I glued some shredded newspaper onto the lid of a gift box. Yes, they both noticed that I used the sports page! 

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39 thoughts on “Gift Box Bows”

  1. You are absolutely so clever. I love the gift boxes and your bows are just wonderful. I love the crepe paper idea, it ruffles so easily and it has to be easy for me. They really do look wonderful and the stickers are fabulous too. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. Soooo adorable!! I love it! Thank you oh so very much for linking your creations up at my party today! Wishing you a wonderful weekend,~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  3. What a neat idea- Something very different and Cute! Glad to be a new follower. If you can come..Please come by see my blog and follow it..www.homespunloft.blogspot.comand I also have an etsy store..www.TheHomespunLoft.etsy.comthanks!

  4. You do lovely work – I especially like the newspaper wrapping. I've been saving the funnies because I think that would make fun wrapping paper too…I just love to recycle 😉

  5. Ami, I had to FEATURE you again with these. Like so many others, I love the newspaper bows the best. I will be using these probably forever, from now on. Too cute. Thanks for always being the first to join my party, you make me happy,,, 🙂

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