Oh My!! Bananas and Chocolate Chip Pancakes!!

I thought I would post a quick super simple bananas and chocolate chip pancake recipe for y’all.  Ya know, to make up for Terrifically Tasteful Thursdays lack of recipe!

OK, super simple. Are you ready? 
  • package of pancake mix
  • ripe bananas
  • semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • powdered sugar
Cook your pancakes according to package directions. Mash your bananas. Mash one banana to one cup pancake mix. Heat your griddle or fry pan. I spray mine with a light layer of PAM. As soon as you spoon your pancakes into your pan sprinkle a few chocolate chips in the batter cooking in the pan. 

Once your pancakes are all cooked sprinkle them with powdered sugar and serve. 

See, super simple yet SUPER DELICIOUS!!

Alie loves Banana & Chocolate Chip Pancakes!!

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33 thoughts on “Oh My!! Bananas and Chocolate Chip Pancakes!!”

  1. Sounds very good right now! Looks like your daughter is enjoying them to the fullest! Love your blog and a new follower as well. Cruise on over to my blog if you like. Also I love your linky parties post. Thaaks for sharing. Karen

  2. Hey girl, THANK YOU for being the first one to link up again. You are so very sweet. Your pancakes are yummy, I should know because I make these all the time. My kids especially love fresh strawberries, and bananas on top too. Oh man these are so good. 🙂

  3. Oh and I took some B Vitamin this morning, hope it helps. I am so used to not taking any meds, because I AM STILL nursing my little one, who is not so little anymore lol, but I've been nursing for so many years, that I simply never got to take any meds. Garlic, and tea are what I use to try to make me better. he he.

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