Our San Diego Adventure

I’m ready to head back to San Diego right now!  I can not wait to go back.  It is such a beautiful city.  It is full of hills and mountains.  It’s just amazing!  The beach……WOW!  BEAUTIFUL!  Soft sand, clear blue water, the perfect amount of clouds to block the sun.  AMAZING!  The drive wasn’t so bad either.  I would do it again in a heartbeat!  The San Diego Zoo was INCREDIBLE!  Now I understand why it’s so highly rated and famous.  It is beautifully laid out.  There are many levels and hills to walk up.  Many of the exhibits have multiple animals instead of just the “monkeys”.  Like, the chimpanzees share an area with ducks and otters.  Alice had a wonderful time at the zoo.  She was so happy.  She was so happy the whole stay in San Diego.  I can’t wait to take her again.  This time we will have to visit Sea World!  She just loved the beach.  She keeps seeing her beach pictures cycle on the screen saver and she excitedly starts singing “beach beach beach”.  Speaking of pictures, these here are a few of my favorites. 

David and Alice looking out over the Pacific Ocean for the very first time.
My sweet Alie and my sweet hubby David!
It was surprisingly cold. She looks a little cold here.
My brother Jaddy, his wife Julie and their son, my sweet little nephew Jayden.
Jaddy and Jayden
I love this picture of Julie and Jayden. My brother took this one.
She loves her nephew!!
My cutie pahtootie nephew Jayden!!
All of us at the famous San Diego Zoo!!
Thumbs up Chimp!!
Alie and Jayden hangout with the chimps!
I found a Longhorn fossil in Cali!
Alie loved the elephants. I think when I was little they we’re my favorite too!
She’s like “Whoa, I can touch it!!”
She had too much fun at the petting zoo!
She kissed this goat. KISSED!!! I know! I was so horrified I didn’t get a pic of it!! lol
Petting an owl
My family walking the boardwalk at Mission Beach
My sweet Alie Marie playing in the sand at Mission Beach
My favorite pic of the trip!
BEAUTIFUL Mission Beach San Diego California
Mission Beach
Alie and I with our toesies in the water!
We have matching polish! How cute are we?
Alie Marie
My sweety girl
David and Alice

It was so wonderful watching my family on the beach!
Jayden getting his toesies in the water. He didn’t like it too much. It was COLD!!
You can see Alie’s happy face as my brother throws her up into the air!
Jaddy, Julie and Jayden
Daddy and Alice playing!
She loved the soft sand!
My precious Alie!

Playing in the sand. 

Mission Beach

Look at that BEAUTIFUL sunset!

David caught this one of Alie dancing in her car seat on the ride back home. 

Yup…we’re back home! Sheesh!
I hope you enjoyed them. I have a recipe ready to go for tomorrow, so make sure you stop by! 

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6 thoughts on “Our San Diego Adventure”

  1. Aww, so cute. Loved all the pics, and Ali looked like she had a blast. Isn't it crazy that the water is cold there, I rarely remember the pacific waters being warm, like in Florida. I grew up in Huntintgton Beach California, so I was a beach bum too. Now we settle for Foridas warm waters. I still love it. I want to go back there now, lol. Did you guys go to Coronado Island. That place is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and also Thanks for kind comment on my blog,Yes , we have many common things :-), My Husband Name "David" too.My daughter name "Lebau" mean Best/wonderful water Lilly.Hope you visit my blog and community often.Nan

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