We’re Back!!

I just wanted to give a quick hello and tell y’all that we are back.  We had a WONDERFUL and AMAZING time.  I have a gazillion pics to go through, along with a TON of things to get done around the house.  Thanks for all the well wishes while we were away.  My sweet baby blanket art was also featured while we were away….TWICE!! 🙂  I was featured at Crystal’s Craft Spot and Sew Can Do!  Thanks so much for the features!  I am going to leave y’all with my favorite pic of the trip.  Remember I still have a ton of them to go through, so don’t fear more are on their way. 
This is Alie on Mission Beach in San Diego. 

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3 thoughts on “We’re Back!!”

  1. Of course you were featured!! It was beautiful art:) BTW, I got a certain little package in the mail Saturday that made my day!!! I wore it to my crafting boutique and got lots of comments:) Thanks so much Ami!!

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