My daughter is a Princess!!

Who isn’t struggling financial right now?!!  With Halloween around the corner, David and I were a little worried about what to do for our sweet little Alice.  She is ALL THINGS PRINCESS right now.  We found a few cute princess costumes for $20.  Which is still pretty steep for a poorly made costume.  Have you ever noticed how cheap the material is or how cheaply they are thrown together.  Last Halloween she was a little Halloween Ballerina.  I made her an orange and black tutu and paired it with a cute Halloween shirt and a pair of black tights.  My husband works at Grand Canyon University, so we attended the GCU Fall Festival last year.  Alice the Halloween Ballerina, was a TOTAL HIT. SO….I think, I can make her a tutu princess!

DIY Tulle Princess Costume

As I looked for inspiration online, the concept morphed a little into a long tutu princess dress.  I used a shirt she already had.  I made a long white and pink tulle tutu and attached it to the top.  I stitched stain ribbon on the shirt’s sleeves and collar.   I attached satin ribbon over the area, then I attached the skirt to the top.  Since I am ALL ABOUT the rosettes right now, I made a BUNCH!  I glued them onto the ribbon waist.  I also made a bouquet of different rosettes to go over  some embroidery that was on her shirt.  Then I attached some ribbons to the shirt and a large ribbon in the back as a tie.  She LOVES it.  I LOVE IT!  It was so much fun making it for her.  I feels so sweet knowing I made that for her.  OH and the total cost was $14!!  Did you know Dollar Tree sells tulle and ribbons!??  I got the pink tulle at Walmart, 65 yards for $6!


This is her tutu costume I made last Halloween. 


And here is her new Mommy made Princess costume!

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I used one of her shirts and added some handmade rosettes (tutorial here). Then I added a strip of satin to hide the waistband of the tutu skirt. I made the skirt following this tutorial. I only made the tulle strips longer added strips of satin to the skirt. After it was all done I stitched the tulle skirt on to the shirt. Then stitched the rosette covered satin ribbon over where the shirt and skirt met.

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This is Alice on Halloween night.

What do y’all think?? I love it and most importantly my sweet Alice Marie loves it! 🙂

ami halloween sig

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32 thoughts on “My daughter is a Princess!!”

  1. Oh Ami, this is absolutely precious and Ali looks just like a princess in it. My mom used to make my costume too…it was a white sheet with two holes. I think I was a ghost every year because it is hard to out-grow a sheet. Hahaha. Happy Halloween! La

  2. Oh my, this is absolutely stunning and she is so precious and looks fabulous in it. I am so impressed with your creativity. I use to make all of my daughters dresses, it really was a lot of fun. You did an amazing job, and I know she will be the hit. Definitely a keepsake dress. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. Found you through Get Your Craft On. This dress is simply beautiful. My daughter would love to have one. She'd probably never take it off. LOL You did a great job. (I want a sewing machine, too. Hope you get one!)

  4. Its so beautiful, I love her dress, all she needs is her crown. You should be so proud of your talent. YOu did great. I hear you on the costs and the cheapness of costumes, hand made is the best way. Have a safe Fun Halloween, thanks for sharing. Jen

  5. So pretty, nicer than store bought & special because it was from mommy. I seriously need to get off my backside & make a tutu already. lol. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  6. This is so pretty! I love the flowers! She is so adorable. My dd is going to be Tink, and I am making her a similar costume…well actually I already did but apparently I didn't pay close enough attention cause I cut the top 4" too short…yeah,I know…no more talking on the phone and sewing for me…lol. Anyway, I'll be posting some pics tomorrow or Saturday. I'd love for you to check it out! Btw: I'm now a follower! Good luck on hitting 200! follow up comments email is wrong and I can't figure out how to change it)

  7. Absolutely adorable sooo fun! I'm so glad you came to the party and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a super sweet Halloween 😀 Hugs,~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  8. Too cute! This would look great on my 3 year old 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration…I came from tatertots and jello!

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