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Christmas Decorating with Tissue Paper

I got a TON of wonderful feedback on my Tissue Paper Christmas Trees!
Thanks y’all, it really made me feel special.  It was a super fugal project too.  I used printer paper for the cones and had a bunch of left over tissue paper stuff in the “wrapping paper” drawer. 
So, I decided to make a wreath.
I actually used cut up junk mail to make the circle and just glued the tissue paper on it.  I glued darker pieces of tissue paper to give it that “holly” feel.  Then I glued on some red wood beads for the berries. 
We got these ADORABLE stockings at Target for $2 each!! 
BUT they didn’t quite match the “theme” of my Christmas Mantel
So, I decided to make a tissue paper garland strip/mantel/thing-a-mah-bob.  To “hang” our stockings from.  I cut up some more mail and made a tissue paper garland strip and placed it under the wreath. 

What do you think of my frugally way to decorate a blank wall and give our stockings a new home for Christmas??

I had to share this CUTE moment I captured the day I made the tissue paper wreath and garland.  Alie is hanging out on couch with Elmo and Gizmo (she calls him Ess-go).  The three of them were watching Elf. How sweet is that!! 
Thanks for stopping by!!

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