Christmas Decorating with Tissue Paper

I got a TON of wonderful feedback on my Tissue Paper Christmas Trees!
Thanks y’all, it really made me feel special.  It was a super fugal project too.  I used printer paper for the cones and had a bunch of left over tissue paper stuff in the “wrapping paper” drawer. 
So, I decided to make a wreath.
I actually used cut up junk mail to make the circle and just glued the tissue paper on it.  I glued darker pieces of tissue paper to give it that “holly” feel.  Then I glued on some red wood beads for the berries. 
We got these ADORABLE stockings at Target for $2 each!! 
BUT they didn’t quite match the “theme” of my Christmas Mantel
So, I decided to make a tissue paper garland strip/mantel/thing-a-mah-bob.  To “hang” our stockings from.  I cut up some more mail and made a tissue paper garland strip and placed it under the wreath. 

What do you think of my frugally way to decorate a blank wall and give our stockings a new home for Christmas??

I had to share this CUTE moment I captured the day I made the tissue paper wreath and garland.  Alie is hanging out on couch with Elmo and Gizmo (she calls him Ess-go).  The three of them were watching Elf. How sweet is that!! 
Thanks for stopping by!!

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29 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating with Tissue Paper”

  1. I think it's lovely! I ran around like a headless chicken today trying to find a wreath I could customize. Note to self- read favourite blogs first!Love your captured moment, too- life can be so good!

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! THat looks fantastic!!! I love it. I have no clue where to purchase the tissue paper from. I have a very crafty friend who would know. I can not wait to share this with her!!!!

  3. I love the use of tissue, I started one but all I had on hand was white…so I think I'll attempt it again with some color. Thanks for all the sweet comments and becoming a follower. I your newest one !!!

  4. Love it! Thank you soooo much for linking this up! I bought a huge pack of tissur paper after seeing your trees…I think I want to buy a few more now…ā™„

  5. Girl, you know I just think you are FABULOUS, and just because you are, I had to FEATURE you today too. Sorry it's after Christmas and all, BUT, I'm sure people can improvise, and make it work for other holidays too. Thanks for ALWAYS linking up to **AMaze me AUgust** Bella

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