Our 1st Arizona Christmas Tree

If you know me, you know I am a born and raised Texan. My husband, my step daughter and our daughter were born there, too. We have lived in Arizona for just over a year and this is our FIRST Christmas, by ourselves in Arizona. Last year we shared an apartment with my brother, his new wife Julie ( I have to tell y’all about Julie someday. She is an AMAZINGLY crafty mommy who NEEDS to blog) and their BRAND NEW SON! Everyone say “HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY JAYDEN!!”

In the past we have always gotten a live tree. We learned last year that out in AZ it is HARD to keep your tree alive. There is NO HUMIDITY here! Yes, I have GREAT HAIR!!! We got ourselves a simple artificial lighted tree. We chose multi colored lights for Alie. She LOVES them. We only had a couple ornaments. We left most of our belongings back in Texas. Much of what I’m going to share with y’all is brand new!!

I made these lil rosette snowmen for our tree. The other one was going to be a snowman, but I didn’t quite size the rosettes right. So, I attached to a head band and Alie loves to wear it.

Have you seen these adorable ornaments at Dollar Tree?? How cute is this guy? You get 3 for $1, how great is that?

They had these too! 
We got this one for Alie.
David bought me this one. Sweet right?? 🙂
We brought Marli’s sterling silver and jeweled M.
This one came with us from Houston.
David, Alie and I all had fun one evening at a GCU festival, collecting pine cones. I added them all over the tree with a little floral wire. I just love how they look!
I can’t tell y’all how happy Gizmo is to have a tree skirt to sleep on again! 🙂

What do y’all think of our first AZ Christmas Tree? I love it. Alie loves it. Daddy loves it. OH! I discovered if you take that long ornament hook and just wind it around a branch then your ornaments don’t end up in things like the refrigerator, drawers or toy boxes!! 

Thanks to everyone who entered. It makes me sad to see how many of you entered and how hard you tried to win some of my jewelry. I wish I could give everyone a piece but what I CAN DO is give y’all a code that would give you 50% of your purchase at my AliLilly Etsy Shop. Email me at amiallison73 at yahoo dot com and I will give you the 50% off purchase code.  

NOW……our winner!

You HAVE to see how gorgeous that pic is. I hope you don’t mind, Kassi!!

Gorgeous right?!!


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16 thoughts on “Our 1st Arizona Christmas Tree”

  1. ha ha oh my so I guess I missed your shout out to me the first time I read through this. Anyway I might start a blog SOMEDAY but for now I will let you do the blogging for now. I don't think I could do as good of a job! =0)

  2. Fun stuff! Happy Birthday Jayden. I lvoe the tree with the lights. We have gone to a faux tree even here in IL, it's just easier.And the snowmen are cute!Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!AllieMakes.Blogspot.com

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