Alice Marie in 2010

I love being a mom. There really aren’t words that describe what it’s like and how incredible you feel being a mom. My sweet Alie is my heart, my soul, my everything breath. Now I understand what God’s love towards us must feel like.

I wanted to share with y’all a picture walk through 2010 with our sweet Alice Marie.
We moved from our home town of Houston TX to Phoenix AZ in August of ’09. Valentines Day ’10 we moved into our first place!!! Alie got her own room again and as you can see, I got a blank canvas to decorate. It was a GREAT Valentines Day for us girls!! 🙂

Isn’t it funny that THIS is the only non blurry Thanksgiving day pic I could find!!
A ‘lil crafty girl in the making!!
 I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Day!!! 

Cutting Edge Stencils Winner to be announced SOON! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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5 thoughts on “Alice Marie in 2010”

  1. She is such a doll!!! Absolutely gorgeous! I bet she's such a ham and so much fun! You are truly blessed. Hope 2011 brings much happiness and fulfillment to your lovely family.

  2. It's been such a treat just being able to watch her grow. Jaddy and I always talk about how much she has grown since the first day you all moved out here. We love her so much and can't wait to continue to watch her grow over the years as a beautiful little lady!

  3. Awww,, Alli, you are SO BEAUTIFUL, what fantastic pictures. You make me want to do a round up of my kids too, lol, how ever did you sort through them. Gosh I have like 10,000. Organizing my pictures, and videos, is def on my TODO list this year. I am soooooooo behind. I LOVED seeing her grow this past year, absolutely precious, THANKS for sharing. Hugs, Bella 🙂

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