Happy Birthday Edie!

I have never met Edie or even seen her blog before until today.  Cheryl with Tidy Mom wrote a touching post about her friend Edie.  Today is Edie’s birthday and several weeks ago she and her family lost their home and all their belongings in a house fire.  This touched me as I and my family lost our home to a house fire in October of 2006. 
Four years later it still hurts. Like Edie and her family we all made it out just fine.  My poor Mom was the most banged up.  She fell out the back door and bruised her knee something awful!  Once the feeling of joy and relief of having made it out safely fades a little you start to think of what you have lost.  Those first little mementos.  Things your children made for you.  Treasured birthday cards.  Pictures of long lost friends.  For our family we each had things that can never be replaced.  Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly thankful to God for sparing us all.  I’m still thankful to this day and will forever be.  My grandfather was a carpenter and MY HERO. I lost him to cancer at the age of 12.  I saved everything he ever made me.  I had a full kitchen, a bed room set, table and chairs…..well you get the picture.  I lost all of that.  Now with a daughter of my own it hurts not to see her with all the wonderful things my Grandfather made.  My husband is a musician. He lost every piece he had ever written to that day.  He lost things his first daughter made for him in pre-school and grade school.  
I also understand what Cheryl says about the blogging community and the friendships you make. I also know what it’s like to receive support and prayers from people you hardly know. I know how warm it makes you feel inside. When I did a post of the anniversary of my beloved nephew Khaleeq’s passing I received such a wonderful outpouring of love, support and prayers. It still warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

BUT, this isn’t about me.  This is about Edie and her family.  Even though we have never met I wanted to say “I understand”.  My prayers are with you and your family.  I hope you have a blessed birthday with your family.  Just know, it does get better.  And soon, finding new things to save and cherish, new things you “have to have” will bring smiles to your faces.  You learn that most things are just things.  But the stuff you find or are given now you place in special areas.  When you see another family’s house on fire on the news your heart goes out to them.  You may even become a little paranoid like me and at the first smell of anything that even closely resembles smoke your standing across the street with your child, pet and fire safe.  And that smell of smoke does go away although you will never forget it.  I’m sure y’all are just a bit more affectionate towards each other now.  That never changes. 
Happy Birthday Edie!  God Bless You and Yours.

You can send Edie your birthday wishes and prayers here.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Edie!”

  1. I never knew that about you, really sorry to hear that. I too read about Edie, over at Tidy MOm, and went to leave her a quick note of encouragement too. I can't even imagine, and really don't ever want to know the feeling. I was really moved about how her oldest daughter, just happened to be sleeping upstairs, and rescued the little ones. CRAZY, and all before Christmas, not that otherwise it would be OK, but you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing, and my heart is with her and her family, and with all who have lost, STUFF, because unless you lose it all, you can't even imagine how painful it can be. Hugs girl, Bella 🙂

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