Valentines Day Jewerly

I have been a busy little bee and I couldn’t WAIT to show y’all what I have been up to!  For Christmas I got a gift bag FULL of goodies from my sister Kari.  Inside were several sets of beads and silver charms.  She got all these beautiful shades of red and pink, PERFECT for Valentines Day.  Thanks Kari!! 

With Valentines Day closing in I have been busy busy busy making jewelry.  I really love it.  It’s calming for me.  Alie loves to watch too.  She gets so excited to see what I’m making.  When I show her the pieces once their done she always says “Oh wow momma, it’s so pretty”.  That right there is the BEST compliment ever! 
I made a few sets. 
I made some bracelets.

I made a few pairs of earrings too!

I also have make a few rosettes.  I even learned how to make a rosette from ribbon. I LOVE the ribbon rosette. I think it came out GREAT! 

I have a TON more ideas and things planned too!  What do you think so far?  Are you as excited for Valentines Day as I am? 

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26 thoughts on “Valentines Day Jewerly”

  1. Looks like you certainly got inspired and I love your daughter's praise!! Look forward to visiting your blog and would love to have you visit mine. I am a jewelry maker too at present just for friends and family. Look forward to more of your inspirations.Deb

  2. and now Rob Pattinson is following your blog. lol. I love me some Edward Cullen!!!! Thank you so much for your visit and follow.. I am so happy that you did. good luck with the giveaway. oh.. the cookies, the cookies are grocery store case cookies. Pilsbury I think.Have a fantastic weekend

  3. Everything is gorgeous! I LOVE those sweet red felt flowers and that amazing red bracelet with the metal "love" charm! You are very talented. 🙂 And oh, yes, I am also excited about Valentine's Day! It's my favorite holiday! 🙂 Love the things you have come up with to celebrate it!blessings,Jenni{Beautiful Nest}

  4. SO fun! Got to love Valentines jewelry! Great job! I am sure they will sell well!Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  5. Awesome! So cute…I love the jewelry and your flower rosettes make perfect jewelry pieces as well! Where do you sell them? (DO you sell them?)

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