Super Easy Easter Tissue Paper Cross for Kids

This is a fun and easy craft for kids and parents to do together.  Our sweet Alie helped me make this one.  Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of us doing this together.

For this project you will need:
Paper, junk mail, card stock or cardboard to cut a cross from.
White school glue
Tissue paper
Pencil with eraser
First, I cut a cross from a large piece of paper.  The paper I used with a mail flyer.  Then I glued a sheet of tissue paper onto the cross.  I cut little squares from my tissue paper.
Start placing your squares on to the cross with a pencil by placing the eraser end in the center of the square and wrapping the tissue down and around your pencil.
Then, place a dab of white school glue on to the tip.  I placed the glue on the tip for Alie, for the ones that she did.  I have also seen Mom’s place some white school glue into a small dish.  That way the kids can dip the tip into the glue.  When Alie did this the tissue paper came off and stayed in the dish of glue.  It was easier for me to place the glue on it for her.  She is only 2 and a half after all!
Start placing them onto your cross until it’s as full as you like. 
When we were finished with ours, I placed it on the wall in Alie’s room with a couple tacs hidden in the folds of tissue paper. 
What do you think?  Alie and I did pretty good didn’t we?

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13 thoughts on “Super Easy Easter Tissue Paper Cross for Kids”

  1. Very, very cute! I love how it's for kids to do! I need some of those ideas! p.s. don't worry about linking to the wrong party–I moved you down to the regular one! Sorry for the confusion!

  2. Aw thanks for stipping by my blog! Linky parties are so much fun!! This craft is so cute and easy for kiddos. I can totally relate to you about not getting pics with kids when crafting (or baking for me). I spend most of the time in the moment or trying to get my son to stop trying to eat the glue. ha ha! ♥- K

  3. what a perfect craft for little ones!! i am a nanny and will definitely plan on making this with the girls i watch 🙂 i am popping over to say thank you for commenting on my blog, it really meant a lot to me! hope you have a great week!

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