Paper Rosette Easter Eggs

I have a tutorial here on how to make these cute little paper rosettes.
For the eggs, I just cut some egg like shapes out of computer paper.  My husband thought I was cutting out guitar picks!!  He’s so silly!  Do they look like guitar picks?? 

I drew some designs on the eggs and then hot glued my rosettes on to them.  It was really simple.  Making the rosettes is time consuming but if you do it while, say, watching TV or a movie it’s really not so bad.  Also this leads you to “just” making them, instead of obsessing over how perfect they come out.  I have found that if you “just do it” and not worry so much about the end result, the end result comes out better than you planned.  IMPERFECTION really is perfection when it comes to these guys! 
Look at this one! It’s my favorite of the bunch.  I’m sure I made it some time during an episode of Jersey Shore.  Oh wait, did I just confess that. 
These are my finished Paper Rosette Easter Eggs!
I hot glued some tulle on the backs of them and hung them up.
What do you think?? I love ’em! Alie loves ’em too! Thanks so much for stopping by! 
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43 thoughts on “Paper Rosette Easter Eggs”

  1. Nice! I love this cute idea, and simply CLEVER! This rosette thing could be done for anything! I think I need a giant N to rosette on my door! Hot glue gun is calling my name! New follower for sure!

  2. Hey girl! Thought of you this weekend! Went into some gift shops and they were selling something similar for an arm and a leg! I'm really begining to think the big companies rip off us mommy bloggers!! lol

  3. Ami! You have been featured on the Glitter Blog this week again… :}

  4. Hi, Ami! Your project is one of the nominated projects for TSWL's Finest of April 2011. Voting will start on the first week of May. I will give you your vote for me badge days before that so you can display it on your blog!

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