Sweet and Easy Easter Egg Flower Pots

This is yet ANOTHER fun craft you can do with your kids.  My sweet Alie helped me with this one! 
For this I found the pots at Target in their SUPER GREAT Dollar Spot section!  The foam, eggs and moss are from Dollar Tree. 
It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered the foam was just a bit too big for the pot!
No worries, I hacked away until it fit.  This also helped me with the smaller pot too.  I was able to use a chunk of the foam in that pot.
I had some old puff paint and decided to add some cute dots to the yellow pot.
Now, the larger eggs came on sticks but the smaller ones did not.  I had this laying around in a craft box.  My husband told me to keep it, thinking I may need it for something.  He was right!  I cut the sticks from this and stuck them in the smaller eggs.  I think this may have been the second time he’s been right this year.  That HAS to be a record!
Alie and I took the eggs and stuck them in the foam in the pots. Then we filled the pots with moss. 
And now in the words of our sweet Alie, “DAH DAH (tah dah)!!!!” 

That’s it!!  How easy was that!?!  And aren’t they just so cute! 
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34 thoughts on “Sweet and Easy Easter Egg Flower Pots”

  1. Those turned out so cute. Gotta love the Dollar section of any store. You can always find so many cute things. You and your helper did a fabulous job =)

  2. hiya i'm maggie and i am visiting from make the world cuter and i am following you too x what cute egg flowers and adorable helper too x hope to see you at mine sometime xmaggiex

  3. The problem is, no matter how cute your projects are, you keep putting that darn kid in the shots, and I get all distracted by her little smile! This really did tun out nicely, and Alice looks soooooooo proud of her itsy self!

  4. So cute! I love how easy it is too; my 2 year old loves crafting with me and I'm always looking for ideas of things we can do together!Thanks for sharing!Amyhttp://oneartmama.blogspot.com

  5. Cute idea, I'm going to try these with my kids. I think even my little ones will get into it. I found you on Today's Creative Blog, glad I did!

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