Huggable Teddy Bear Review

Huggable Teady Bears

I was so excited when Gretchen of Huggable Teddy Bears contacted me to do a review!  Who doesn’t LOVE Teddy Bears!! 

When I checked out their website I was so impressed!  There are dozens and dozens of teddy bears to chose from! They have teddy bears for every occasion! 

Gift Occasion Bears

and many more! 
They have Sports Bears

Sports Bears

and many more! 
They have Fantasy Costumes  

Fantasy Costumes

You can even dress your teddy bear up as a bride, groom, or baby!

Formal Dress

You can personalize your bear with their Create a T-Shirt feature! 

Create a T-Shirt

Not only do they have all this to chose from, but they have over two dozen gift baskets!Baskets like these…

For my review I chose the Florabelle 18 inch Teddy Bear! 

This is what she looks like on their site.

Sweet Florabelle couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  My Alie Marie woke up one morning with a temp of 104!  We rushed her to Urgent Care and found that she had aspirated some food into her lung and it had developed into pneumonia.  A day after being treated with antibiotics she was feeling MUCH better.  To make her day even better, Florabelle was waiting for her in the mailbox.  Alie LOVED her instantly!  
Florabelle is the perfect size, very soft and cuddly.  She has two beautiful embroidered  silver hearts on her paw.  She has pretty deep brown eyes and the sweetest pink embroidered nose.   Her super soft pink fur is silky and shiny as well.  There is something so special about this teddy.  When you hug her it feels like she hugs you back.  I think it’s because this bears arms and legs are just a little longer than the normal teddy.  

Isn’t she so sweet!!?  Alie hasn’t put her down since.  In fact she sleeps with her every night   
Please go check out Huggable Teddy Bears!  They have a fun site FULL of gift ideas. 

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