Halloween, Pumpkins and a Corn Maze

I just wanted to make sure y’all knew how much I love y’all!!!

 I’m so sorry I haven’t posted more. Been sooooo busy!!  I’m actually working on this post while sitting in a barbershop watching my dad get a haircut!!

  I have my AZ family coming in tomorrow night. We are so excited to see them. Alie and I have tons of pine-cones collected. I’ve saved lots of Christmas tutorials and ideas. I am planning to create a Holiday Gift Guide. AND I have a new awesome sponsor to introduce you to later this week!! She’s at the top of my sponsor list if you can’t wait and you’d like to go say hello now!! So, I have a lot planned for y’all!! Thanks so much for sticking by me!!! I seriously love y’all!!!!

 Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!!! We sure did! Here are a few fun pics for y’all to enjoy. My hubby was Batman our Alie was Batgirl and I was Robin. My hunny threw out his back somethin awful while changing the brakes on our car, so he only half dressed up.
Alie made her first cup of dirt! 
Alie and her cousins Angie and April. 
Hotty hubs and I! 

 Alie got this super awesome Bumble Bee costume today at Walgreens! Gotta love the AFTER Halloween 50% off sale!!! 

Here is Alie and I getting ready for a trip to the pumpkin patch!  
 Here are a few pics from our recent trip to Dewberry Farm.
Can y’all see us??
 Thanks for stopping by! 

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