Our Pretty Classic Christmas Mantel

My Pretty Classic Christmas Mantel this year was so easy to put together.  I added some lighted garland,  a few new tissue paper trees,  a few candles,  hanging ornaments, nut crackers, some pine cones and a re-decorated wreath. 

I found an old wreath in my mom’s garage. Took everything off of it.  I then added some cute Santa ribbon she had to it and a few new Christmas pics.


I added a cardinal at the top in honor of my Grandma.  She passed away a few months back and she absolutely loved cardinals.


Now, the plug from my lighted garland was hanging out looking like a big brown eye sore!


I found a few of these doo-dads (they are called doo-dads when the hubby isn’t around to properly name them for me)!!

imag2795 imag2795

And VIOLA, no more ugly brown cord sticking out!!


Here are a few more pictures of our mantel.

So, what do y’all think??  I love it. It’s classic, pretty and reminds me of my Grandma.

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