Happy Anniversary Mr. Wonderful

9 years ago today I married my very own Mr. Wonderful, my Prince Charming, my Noah ( I know a bunch of you just got that one!) 9 years ago today I married David, my “Happily Ever After”

9 years later I’m happier than I ever dreamt I would be.  He is a wonderful husband, father and provider. He is more than all the prayers I ever prayed. 9 years later we have the most amazing, wonderful, smart, funny, sweet, silly and beautiful lil girl.

Those are her very first school pictures.  Aren’t they fantastic!!  I just love her so much!!  Her poses are so great!  Did you see her princess poses she did for my Princess Crafts Post?  You have to check them out!!

Speaking of my Alie… I snapped this picture of her in front of a huge Titanic poster because 14 years ago her daddy took me to see the Titanic for our very first date!!

And speaking of the Titanic, have you seen these? HA!

Yep….there was room for you Jack!

Well, I’m off to go enjoy my anniversary!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Mr. Wonderful”

  1. Sweet Ami,

    I am so grateful for all the endearing things you wrote about today. You are every bit as special to me and tracking the steps of our awesome memories will always lead me home to you. You making loving someone, so easy just for being like are you. Always caring to not only me, but our whole family. I’m glad I saved my best for last…”everlasting.”

    Happy Anniversary, Ami Allison!

    – Dave

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Wonderful. I like that you call your husband that, it’s so sweet. And you all look like such a happy little family it makes me smile. May you have many many more years together.

  3. Happy Anniversary Ami! So happy for you! Those are some great pictures of your baby girl. Too cute! And the Titanic door pics totally cracked me up!

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