Shoebox Parade Float Tutorial

Last month on my sweet daughters school calender there was a Friday marked with Shoebox Spring Parade.  I thought “oh how fun!”  Then I thought “wait….what is a shoe box parade”  I googled and really didn’t get much info.  Just a lot of pictures posted from other parents.  I didn’t find was a lot of tutorials or how to’s.  There is a picture-less one on ehow but this mama needs pictures.  After looking through what I could find, I figured out how to put one together.  It’s really not hard which I guess is why there aren’t a lot of tutorials out there.  BUT….HELLO! I am a BLOGGER!  Light-bulb goes off and TAH-DAHHH!  

The Shoebox Parade Float Tutorial is born! 

There are many many different ways to make a shoebox parade float.  For a float like mine you will need:
a shoebox or small box
paper to cover the box
mod podge or glue
flower embellishments 
paint for details
lots of colorful tissue paper

I didn’t get a before pic of the shoebox.  I actually had the blog post tutorial epiphany when I finished covering the box with paper.  I was really surprised with how great it looks.  I just used some colorful printer paper.  I used mod podge to adhere it to the box and then put a coat on the outside. 

I braided yellow yarn for the pull string.  Ya know, like Rapunzel’s hair.  Now, I put the box together before I attached the pull string.  OOPS!  I had to tear the box open a little bit to get it in there.  I made an anchor like thing-a-mah-bob out of thick cardboard.  I strung the pull string through it.  Globbed on a bunch of hot glue and attached it in the box and pulled the pull string through a hole I made.  I made the cardboard anchor in hopes that the pull string wouldn’t come out during the parade.  It worked great!  She’s STILL pulling the float around the house.  

I used some more cardboard to make a lil seat for Rapunzel to sit on. 
 After gluing the cardboard seat onto the box I painted it. 
 Once it was dry I went over the with some gold glitter to add a little princess glam to it!!
While I was working on the float I was actually drinking from a Rapunzel cup and I noticed this pretty detail.  I got out my paints, matched the color the best I could and tried to add some pretty detail. 
 Not perfect but not so bad huh? 
I made a bunch of my tissue paper rosettes and added them here and there. 
 Next I used my bead reamer and punched whole in the box here and there. 
Alice and I collected some old fake flowers we had and pulled off the flowers.  After punching holes in the shoebox I had Alice attach all the flowers.  It was really nice giving her the reigns on the decorating.  She loved it.  
While she decorated I took some tissue paper and made a ruffle like piece to glue to the bottom.  I just folded up the tissue paper horizontally inch by inch.  After I glued the strip around the bottom of the shoebox  I made some little cuts and fluffed them up a bit. 
After we were finished we sat Rapunzel down.  I put on a seat-belt made from a purple pipe cleaner around her, pulled the ends through the back and tied them. 
 You can hardly see the seat-belt huh?
I added some more flowers to the back to hide the pipe cleaner seat-belt and the painted pink skewer that added a little stability. 
I attached a little Pascel doll too.  Cuz, you can’t have Rapunzel without Pascel right?
And here she is! Alice’s Spring Parade Shoebox Rapunzel Float!!
Someone decided they weren’t getting enough attention!

Here are a few pictures from the parade.  I pixel-ed the other kiddo’s faces. 

Here are few other cute floats the kids brought.
And there is my sweet Alie again! 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Shoebox Parade Float Tutorial”

  1. What a GREAT idea for a Barbie theme party! I remember growing up I made EVERYTHING from boxes for my barbie:) Would you come over to Cast Party Wednesday and share this idea with us? Thanks, I hope to see you there! =—Sheryl—

  2. First of all. SHOEBOX FLOATS ARE AWESOME! I have never heard of this before RIGHT NOW- and I’m wishing I had some power over some group of young children so I could organize one. Guh- I’m so overly excited its ridiculous.

    Secondly, your float is SO cute! Rapunzel is doing the *perfect* Princess Di wave, (in my imagination) and the embellishments are so cute. Thanks so much for linking up and for your nice comments at Sweet Sharing Monday.

  3. How adorable and what a great idea! American Girl parties are the thing with the little girls in my life — just need a bigger chair. I would love it if you would consider linking to Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy, a Sunday through Thursday link party for ideas that make life easier, better and more fun!

  4. This was really cute, however as a teacher who recently assigned shoebox floats it occurred to me that you said this was on your daughters school calendar yet you did all the work:( Hmmmm…was this an assignment for your daughter to do? Or am I mistaken?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Paula. The Shoebox Float Parade was at my daughters preschool. She was 3 at the time and it wasn’t an assignment. As you can see in my post she did help me design the float. I made certain that she was able to help in creating the float.

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