How To Make Delicious Iced Coffee At Home

I’ve been using the Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee recipe for a while now.  Over time it’s been tweaked here and there.  Much like she did with the recipe she found and thus creating her own Perfect Iced Coffee.  So you could say this is Ami’s PERFECT Iced Coffee Recipe.

First, her recipe suggests buying Cafe Bustelo which can be found at Walmart, Target, Kroger, etc.  You shouldn’t have a problem finding it. It’s PERFECT for iced coffee.

So you will need:
Cafe Bustelo or a good strong ground coffee will do
half n half, milk or cream

I’ve done the over night steeping method she calls for in her recipe many many times.  I have also done the brew extra strong coffee in my coffee maker and let it cool over night in the fridge method.  I do the drip brew when I don’t have time in the morning to strain the over night grounds.  I honestly can’t tell a difference in either.  So I would say which ever works best for y’all.  Both are measured the same.  For my recipe I use a tablespoon (NOT heaping) of coffee for each cup of water plus 2.  So 10 cups of water would be 12 tablespoons.  This comes out strong…good and strong I would say.

If you do the over night steeping method, measure your water and add coffee to it.  If you’re not sure you want it as strong as mine I would suggest adding 1 tablespoon per cup of water.  Once you add coffee stir it up gently and cover it.  I make mine in a 2 quart pitcher and cover it with plastic wrap.  Leave it out over night.  It needs to steep at room temperature and for at least 8 hours.  Then slowly strain the coffee.  This is my super high tech straining device.

I strain the coffee through two mesh filters and a coffee filter.  Once it’s done straining place it in the fridge and let it get cold.  Then pour over ice and add as much half n half and sweetener as you like.  You can also buy flavor syrups to create your own flavored iced coffee.

It’s really easy to make and saves you precious $$ and gas from having to wait in that super popular coffee chain drive thru lane!

How do you like your iced coffee?  Do you know of or have any interesting coffee recipes I should know about?

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25 thoughts on “How To Make Delicious Iced Coffee At Home”

    1. Thanks, Veronica! It comes out soooo good. She, the Pioneer Woman is right, it makes a big difference to have cold strong brewed coffee. It doesn’t get all watered down and it’s actually cold!

    1. Now that’s an idea!! Try it and let me know! If it works out I’ll had your suggestion to the post. That sounds SO GOOD right about now. It’s TOO HOT!

    1. It’s so good! And ya know, you can always go decaf, buy some yummy flavored syrup, make yourself a yummy flavored iced decaf coffee, pour it into a one of those cool iced coffee cups that look like they come from starbucks and watch everyone freak out over the pregnant lady drinking a big ole iced coffee!

  1. I have never seen the first method with straining required and honestly I’m to lazy to do all that work! 😉 I make my strong coffee and before it cools I add the sweetener so that it dissolves in the hot coffee (yup the whole jug is sweetened at once). You just need to figure out your sweetness level on a large scale which was a lot of trial and error for me.

  2. Hi!! Good to hear that it tastes the same just to cool the coffee overnight in the fridge! I have used Pioneer Woman’s recipe though not with that brand of coffee, and I would steep the whole bag of coffee at a time. It took absolutely forever to strain all that coffee. It ended up sitting in the water longer than it should because it took me all day to strain it, and then it started affecting the taste. Thanks for sharing the measurements to make smaller amounts at a time! =)

  3. This ice coffee looks really good, thanks for the tips! Thanks for sharing at Showcase Your Talent Thursday. I hope to see you at the next party!

    1. OH NO!!! My ads aren’t supposed to talk!! Or sing for that matter. I don’t see or hear it now so hopefully it went away!!

      Vanilla sounds wonderful! Ya know, I got some of that Almond Joy coffee creamer, adding that is super delicious too!!

  4. I freeze left over coffee in an ice cube tray (yes, you can still buy them at a dollar store or even Walmart) and when I make my iced coffee, it doesn’t get watered down by melting ice. Saw your link on Friday Fun Party. 🙂

    1. HA! I do the same thing all the time. I actually brew it in my coffee maker and then let it cool overnight in the fridge. I swear I can’t tell a difference!

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