Frigidaire “Do Over Moment” What’s Yours? #CleverDoOver #spon

Thanks to Frigidaire ™ for sponsoring my writing. Frigidaire ™ invites you to visit and submit a moment you’d like to do over. Whether it’s a bad first date or a vacation gone wrong, Frigidaire ™ will help cover the costs for one lucky visitor to win the ultimate do-over. And, for each do-over submitted, Frigidaire ™ will donate $1 to Save the Children.

How many times a day do you say a silent prayer for a do over moment?  With kids it’s pretty much a consistent hourly thing isn’t it?  And then there are the “but it looked so awesome on pinterest” do overs.  There are the serious only God knows about do overs, the embarrassing do overs “I swear that pole wasn’t there before”.

If there was anything I would really like a “do over moment” for, it would be my wedding.  David and I got married at a courthouse with the promise that we would have a “Big” wedding later.  Our wedding was great.  Our family and friends were there.  The judge was sweet and funny.  I wouldn’t change any of that, but….if I had the chance to do it over I would take everyone that was there, add my sister Kari who was in Arizona at the time and place it all in an actual church.  The wedding was great, the people were great, the vows, the kiss, my precious ring bearer was all great.  My dad even “walked” me into the judges office were the wedding took place.  But to scoop it all up and place it in a nice church with flowers, tulle and candles would have made it perfect!

See, the one thing that drives me bananas are the pictures.

From top left is my momma, my sister Nori, my Uncle Iqbal, My dad, Nicole, our friend Stephen, David’s older daughter Marlayna. Then of course is David, myself and next to me is our precious ring bearer, my beloved nephew Khaleeq.

See, not to bad but we’re in an office.  I’m so thankful the judge had nice wood paneled walls and not something in beige!!

Here we are in the lovely court house hallway under the ever so flattering fluorescent lighting.

From the left is David’s mom Alice (yep! Alice was named after her), my momma Barbie, David’s dad Eddie, my dad Jamil and us!

So yes, I would “do over” our wedding and maybe even hire a photographer.

Frigidaire has me thinking about “do over moments”.  One do over I really despise is the dreaded re-washing of dishes.  Frigidaire has gotten rid of the dreaded washing do over.  Here is what Frigidaire has to say:
The Frigidaire Gallery™Dishwasher gets dishes fully cleaned the first time, so there are no dish do-overs. Nearly half of adults admit to re-washing and/or re-drying dishes after the dishwasher cycle has been completed. To prevent dishwasher do-overs, Frigidaire® is stepping in with its new Gallery® Dishwasher featuring the OrbitCleanTM Wash Arm, ensuring dishes are cleaned right the first time.

So, if you had a “do over moment” what would yours be?

I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective.  All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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3 thoughts on “Frigidaire “Do Over Moment” What’s Yours? #CleverDoOver #spon”

  1. Hello Honey! I would want a Wedding Ceremony “Do-Over,” as well. I remember my thoughts back then about waiting for the right moment to marry you. And when my mind was made up and I surely had no doubts (because you being the right one for me, always felt right having you by my side) each day we were not married seemed a day too long. So the court house, The Honorable Judge William Yeomen, Polaroid Disposable Camera, our closest loved ones and plenty of bubbles seemed like the perfect idea.
    So I can see where the Frigidaire analogy fits like a snug wedding ring…bubbles and a great warranty (ours lasts a life time!)
    I love You, Ami Allison!
    – David Allison

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