Tissue Paper Tree Tutorial

For my Christmas in July series I wanted to share with y’all my super easy and super cute Tissue Paper Tree Tutorial.

If you use white school glue this becomes a fun kid friendly project.  However, it takes a bit longer to hold each tissue in place and well….I’m impatient!  I have done this with Alie before and she had a lot of fun making tissue trees with me.

1.  You will need…

tissue paper

printer paper




and hot glue.

2. I find it’s easiest to fold several pieces of tissue paper into a thin long strip and cut inch wide strips from it.  Then unwind the strips and cut squares from it.

 3. Using a piece of printer paper form a cone and tape it together.
 4. Trim the bottom so that it stands up straight.

1. Take a pencil and place the square over the eraser and slightly twist it down around the pencil.  Then place a dab of hot glue onto the top.

2. Then start placing the little squares onto the cone.  Those lines I placed to help as a guide.  I decided to make this one a peppermint twist tree!!

3. Keep placing the folded squares close together.

4-6. Fill in the rows as you go.  If you are making a single colored tree just fill in where it needs it.
6. Almost done!!

Make sure to fill in all the bald spots, trim where needed, fluff up spots that got squished from your fingers, and get rid of all those glue strings!!

 Now, we’re finished!!  Super cute huh??
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