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Along with the Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar (did you see the review for the LeapFrog Rockin’ Guitar? Alie LOVES it and we had a fun “rock star” photo shoot, too! You have to see!) Clever Girls and LeapFrog sent us the LeapFrog Touch Magic Leaning Bus.  Aren’t they awesome!!  Seriously, if you’re not a Clever Girl you SHOULD BE!

Alie loves the bus.  She plays with it all the time.  She’s at the end of the suggested ages for the Touch Magic Learning Bus and I was a little worried she would get bored with the bus.  She’s had it for several weeks now and still plays with it daily. There are so many fun things to do with the bus.

In the learning mode your child touches a letter to hear it’s name, sound and an object that started with that letter along with a fun sound effect.  In game mode, your child will explore letters, objects and sounds to find answers to questions.  In music mode your child can play along with one of 3 songs.  All the objects on the bus have their own fun sound effect and each band member plays an instrument.  Your child can add sound effects and musical layers by touching the different objects and band members.  The five band members not only play an instrument but also say a fun rhyme.  Your child can also had fun drum beats to their song by touching the drum pads.

THAT, is why Alice continues to play with it daily.  There are so many unique songs to create.  One day, I found her sitting in her room, bus in her lap and a row of stuffed animals sitting in front of her.  She had the bus in learn mode and was teaching her class.  It was such a sweet moment!  She is strengthening her knowledge of letter identification, sound and placement.  She can spell out many of the objects on the bus along with her name with the alphabet buttons.  She is also furthering her music and instrument knowledge along with musical creativity.

The LeapFrog Touch Magic Bus uses the same touch technology as the Rockin’ Gutiar.  Children just touch, tap, swipe or slide their fingers across the different objects. I love that the surface of the bus is flat and easily wiped off.  No buttons to collect sticky mess in.  This also means no lost or broken buttons.  I am really lovin’ this new flat Touch Magic surface LeapFrog is using.  The bus is also very lightweight.  Kids toys are always so heavy and bulky aren’t they?  It is very nice to know this one wont hurt if it falls on you or your child.  If you are a mom you know toys have a mysterious way of falling up and into your chin, nose, shoulder….

Alice really loves her Touch Magic Learning Bus!  I love that it’s easy to clean, has a lot of core learning functions, is lightweight and I also love that the LeapFrog has a Learning Path website where you can share, learn and keep track of your child’s learning.  Alice has both a Leapster Explorer, a Tag Junior  and a LeapPad.  All are linked to the site and I can not only view her progress with specific subjects but also how long she is playing/learning in different areas.  You can also see subjects your child excels in or subjects in which they need more support.  You can share your child’s achievements with family and friends, too!

I bet y’all didn’t know that the box the Touch Magic Learning Bus comes in also doubles as a kitty bed!?  Did ya? *wink*

I’m really impressed with LeapFrog and their products!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and was given free product by LeapFrog.  The content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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