Alie LOVES the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar #LFTouchMagic #spon

I’m not kidding, Alie seriously LOVES this guitar.  She has been playing with it all day, everyday since we first took it out of the box!

I “instagramed” her with her new Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar right away!

The Touch Magic LeapFrog Rockin’ Guitar really is a great little guitar.  Perfectly sized for kids with lots of bells and whistles.  My husband and I have even been caught playing it.

The Touch Magic line from LeapFrog uses touch technology.  Kids just tap, touch, slide or swipe across the guitar.  The guitar is very interactive.  There are 10 different songs for your children to play along with.  They can add all kinds of sound effects to create hundreds of their own unique songs.

It comes with an attachable strap allowing your kids to wear the guitar just like a Rock Star.  On the back is an off switch, along with high and low volume control.  The guitar will shut off after a period of inactivity.  Which is wonderful for those of us parents that do not like toys going off randomly at odd times of the night!!  To turn the guitar back on you just tap the wake button.  Your children can choose songs and have them come to life while sliding their hand back and forth over the strum section.  The faster they strum the faster the song will play.  They can add silly sound effects, guitar riffs and percussion while they play.  Then hit the applause button when they are done for applause and cheers.  They can also play solo guitar.  The song choices are great, too!

One feature that I LOVE and I know a lot of my readers will love is that is it EASY to clean!  No buttons and small little crevices getting full of sticky gritty yuck that toys always seems to attract.  It’s a smooth surface that is easily wiped off.  If only all toys were this easy to clean!

As for learning aspects, your kids are learning about different instruments, rhythm, tempo and instrument sounds.  It engages important social skills.  The Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar allows your kids to sing along with the songs, play with the band or play solo.  Alice has put on several concerts for us already.  She loves showing off her new musical skills as well as sharing her guitar with her cousins and with us which boosts her social skills.

Alice has been dressing up like a Rock Star, a Cowgirl or wearing a simply pretty dress for her “concerts”.  It depends on which song she is playing for us.  This is great for self-expression and helps boost her creativity.  She’s not only learning about characters but her own character traits.

Speaking of character…..

Little Miss Rock Star “tude”!  I LOVE IT!! Go ahead….tell me I’ve got my hands full with this one!

LeapFrog is having a fun contest right now!!  You can submit a video of your child playing with his or her Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar, or any other pretend guitar you have made. Then get your friends and family to vote!  Each video is judged by: 50% on the highest number of votes from the website, 30% originality/creativity, and 20% relevance to theme.   You can find more information about the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar Contest by clicking that link.

 Wouldn’t a video of Alie playing the guitar be great??  Well, I have one.  I can not load it on here or figure out how to edit it.  So, I loaded it in my Google Docs, click below to see!

Alice playing her LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar

So cute, right!?  What a fun guitar!

Thanks so much Clever Girls Collective and LeapFrog, my Alice LOVES her new Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and was given free product by LeapFrog.  The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #LFTouchMagic  #spon

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