Fun Family Night with Kroger

Y’all know I love to share my precious Alice with my readers.  Especially if it’s a happy story!  This is a happy story!  She LOVED our Kroger Family Night and momma and daddy were very happy too!  We relaxed and ate in the living room while watching a movie.

First let me tell y’all that I’m a BzzAgent.  You review and “bzz” about products.  It’s really a lot of fun and the campaigns are great!  BzzAgent and Kroger sent me several coupons to get free Kroger brand food along with several 20% off coupons to share.

I was given a Kroger brand Truly Awesome Pepperoni Pizza with self rising multigrain crust, a bag of 100% white corn Kroger brand Cupz chips, Kroger brand Vitamin Enhance water and a box of Kroger brand Fruit Bars.

Alice drank nearly all the Vitamin Enhanced water before our Fun Family Night even began.  In fact, if you look closely in the first picture you can see the bottle is almost empty!  We chose the Strawberry Dragon-fruit flavor and I did get to have a few sips and it tasted delicious.  Not to sweet, perfectly balanced sweet strawberry flavor.  I’ve bought Kroger brand Vitamin Enhanced water over the name brand several times since.

Doesn’t that look DEE-LICIOUS!?!

The pizza cooked perfectly in the oven and it tasted fantastic.  I especially loved the crust.  It was much more flavorful than just regular crust and healthier which is a win!  There was plenty of cheese, peperoni and sauce.  No skimpy toppings with this pizza.  I really love the rising crust.  I even snagged the ever popular “bubble crust” piece!  SO. DELICIOUS!

Now, what really put a huge smile on my face was that my sweet Alice LOVED the pizza!!  Those of you out there with small children know that they are the pickiest eaters ever!!  Sometimes only Mac n Chz will do and sometimes not even that.  She’s never been a fan of pizza, either.  Seeing her eat two slices of pizza with multigrain crust is awesome! This preschooler gives The Truly Awesome Pepperoni Pizza with Self Rising Multigrain Crust from Kroger a big thumbs up!!

We finished off our night watching a movie and enjoying our Kroger brand Fruit Bars.  We chose the Blueberry Acia flavor.  The bars were very flavorful and almost creamy.  I absolutely loved them and so did my husband and daughter.  I was really surprised by how delicious the frozen fruit bars were.

Since our Fun Family Night with Kroger, we have purchased all of the above and will continue to do so.  The products are just as great if not better (I say better) than the national brand and a lot cheaper.  Saving money, saving quality and flavor is a huge WIN!

What’s your favorite store brand foods?  Have you tried Kroger brand foods? What fun family nights do you have planned?

Thanks so much to BzzAgent and Kroger for sponsoring our Fun Family Night!

As a BzzAgent member I was given free products to review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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