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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

You've probably heard of Tom's of Maine before because of their famous toothpaste, but did you know they have mouthwash, soap, dental floss and antiperspirant?  If you try out the Tom’s of Maine Good First application on Facebook they will send you a free sample of their antiperspirant. 

The app is really kind of nice.  I answered that I started my day off helping others.  It took a Facebook app to remind me of that and it made me feel great. See, you answer the question "what you did you put first today that made you feel especially good?"  There are five answer topics and the five represent the Tom's of Maine belief system in humanity, health and the environment.  That is step one. 

Step two: the app then shows your Facebook friends that share a similar interest in which ever answer topic you chose.  My friends that the app chose fit perfectly in the topic.  The app was right on! 

The last step after you see your friends is to sign up for your free sample of Tom's of Maine antiperspirant. I'm really excited to try out the antiperspirant as it's all natural and clinically proven to keep you dry. 

I've decided to try out this app each day this week, to help remind me of the "good" things I do.  We often don't realize the good we do, right?  This app is nice because it will remind you each day and inspire others.

What good things did you do today?  Did you realize you did them or did you also need an app to remind you? 

Try out the app, get your free sample of Tom's of Maine antiperspirant, and find out which Facebook friends share the same "goodness" as you. You can even start up a conversation about your topic. Talk about what you did and ways to help again. Inspire each other with new ways to help out humanity, our precious animal friends, the environment, living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy. 

You can also connect with Tom's of Maine on Twitter and Tom's of Maine on Pinterest.  

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