31 Days To Find The Romance In Your Marriage.

I’ve decided to join The Nester’s 31 days series.  For the series, I’ve decided to focus on my man!

 I focus so much of my time and effort on our sweet Alice Marie, our home, this blog. I feel like the hubby gets a bit neglected.  I focus so much on everything but romance.  We say “I love you”, give quick kisses here and there.  When is the last time you had a full on romantic experience with your significant other?  We have “date nights” here and there, but they are usually filled with worries, calls, texts wondering how the kids are.  Then at the end of “date night” it’s a mad dash to get home to check on the kids again, right?  That is how it usually goes for me!

Our days are so busy we don’t even have time to get our “to do’s” done, much less think about romance.  David and I are usually so exhausted we can hardly stay awake to catch up on the DVR.

When I look at David, I see the man I first fell in love with.  The one I could not stop thinking of, couldn’t go 20 minutes without hearing his voice.  I would anxiously wait to see him again.  He was all I thought of, all day, all night, every hour.  He is still that man, and even though I have a million other things occupying my mind and my time, he is still that man I couldn’t bear to be without for even a moment.  As crazy in love with him as I was in the beginning, I am even more in love with him now.  He is my protector, my provider, my companion, my strong arm, the father of my child, my greatest love, my happily ever after, he is my hero.

I want him to know I still feel that way about him.  Now, I know that he knows I love him, but I want him to FEEL how much I love him.  So, for day 1, I have chosen touch. Touch is HUGE with me.  Just a simple lingering touch from David can calm every frazzled nerve in my body, it calms my mind.  David’s touch quiets my mind for just a moment, just long enough to stop the chaos.

This month, I want to work on loving touching my husband.  Holding his arm or hand as we are walking together.  Touching his back as I walk by him.  Instead of the normal hello or goodbye kisses, I want to pull him in, touch his face and let the kiss linger just a moment longer.  Rub his shoulders, tuck myself into his side while watching TV.  I want him to feel my love for him through touch.

It’s seems so simple, but I know first hand just how much touch can lift your spirits and make your heart swell.  So….with that being said, go touch who you love!!  HA!

Each day this month I’m going to write about a little something we can do to find the romance in our marriages/relationships.  If you have any suggestions, ideas, fun things you know worked for you, I would LOVE for you to share them in the comments below.  I will be updating this first post with a link for each day of the series, so you wont miss anything.

If you subscribe via email or  RSS and you wont miss a single day of the series!! I’m just sayin’ 😉

Day 2 – Let them be.

Day 3 – Little gifts of love.

Day 4 – Surprise tickets to the game!

Day 5 – Steamy messages

Day 6 – Forgive

Day 7 – Would you like to play a game?

Day 8 – Snuggles or cuddles?

Day 9 – Dress him

Day 10 and 11 – Take a Bath and Dinner by Candle Light

Day 12 – Take Dancing Lessons Together

Thanks for joining me.  Don’t forget to check out The Nester’s 31 days series and link party!!



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21 thoughts on “31 Days To Find The Romance In Your Marriage.”

  1. YAY – for 31 days of touching — showing your husband how much you love him. Looking forward to reading more about your 31 days of romance in your marriage.

  2. Love this idea! We need to know not to take our hubbys or signicant others for granted, we need to let them know how much they mean to us on a daily basis:)

  3. What a great focus for your 31 Days! I’m doing 31 days as well, but actually followed your link through another party 😉 It struck me because just yesterday my husband and I were out on our first “day date” (our kids are now both in school all day which left us with some one on one time on his bonus day off!). My husband had actually instigated it and done all the planning and it was SO nice to kind of travel back in time and remember how things worked back when we were dating and there weren’t kids and a house and all the other things to get in the way of connecting and focusing on each other.
    I look forward to seeing what else you do with this theme this month!

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