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Stenciled Glass Fall Subway Art with Martha Stewart Crafts

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OH my GOSH, right?  HUGE thanks to Blueprint Social and Plaid’s new Martha Stewart glass paint line!  I mean LOOK at ALL that awesomeness (and my sweet baby girl too)!!  I have so many ideas!  I have even more each day as the others in this campaign post their tutorials.  You’ll be able to see theirs as well, at the end of this post.

What started out as a Family Rules subway art piece turned into a Fall Subway art piece.

For this project you will need…

From the Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint line:

paints- Sweetgrass Gloss transparent,Chipotle Gloss opaque and Yellow Jacket Frost transparent

tools-3/8 in dauber,1/2in pouncer, dual-end bent pick and 1/4in scraper

brushes-#1 angled tip, #2 angled tip,#2 flat

adhesive stencils- Bold Sans Alphabet,Bold Serif Alphabet and Italic Script Alphabet

silk screen- English Garden

other items needed:

glass frame

glass bottle

scrapbook paper

I scored that cute frame at Target for under $5.  I have drawers and drawers of scrap book paper.  While hunting for paper for this project I came across paper for nearly every holiday and it gave me tons of great ideas for glass stenciled holiday subway art!!

While removing the cover of the frame I discovered this neat hanger they put on the back!  So, I did what any good blogger does… I added it to my hoarded collection of cardboard, empty paper towel and tp rolls and other interesting paper that if I threw away I would discover a new use for on pinterest the day after trash pick up.

As I was preparing for the project I noticed this!  The paper is too short.  So, make sure your paper and frame fit or do like I did and cut and tape the ends and hope nobody notices.

I tested out a few paint colors with the paper to see which ones I liked.  I just used the nifty scraper to remove the paint after.

Each of the stencil kits (silkscreen kits, too) come with written instructions, picture instructions and measurements that are very helpful.

To help with placement I actually taped one of my Silhouette cutting mats to the glass.  QUICK TIP- glass for picture frames isn’t smoothed down on the edges. BE CAREFUL! I have quite a few cuts including one missing chuck of a finger tip. It’s really small but feels like it was a victim of a shark attack!!

Before you set up, wash the pieces you are going to paint with warm soapy water and let them dry.  After they dry, you’ll want to wipe the surface to be painted with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to ensure the surface is completely clean.  For this project, being subway art I ended up touching the glass in areas to be painted over and over again.  I kept the bottle of alcohol with me and ended up wiping smaller areas as I went and that worked out well.

Squeeze out some paint onto a foam plate.  Put a little paint on the tip of the dauber.

Remove and place the stencil.  Keep the stencil backing, you will replace the stencil to the backing.  This helps store your stencils and keeps the sticky area clean and dust free.  Now, the directions say to take the dauber and “daub” the paint on in short up and down strokes.  If you look closely at the picture up there , you can see that I smeared the paint.

Smearing the paint left a few spots of blobs and bled through a bit.  This is where the dual-end pick come in to play.  You use the pick to smooth over the paint to create a smooth even texture.   If you follow the package directions, holding the dauber just like you would a pencil and gently dab the dauber with short up and down strokes, you have a much smoother painted surface.  Make sure you remove the stencil immediately.  The paint dries very fast and will stick to the stencil.  As soon as your done filling the stencil with paint, gently remove the stencil.  Rinse your dauber and stencils after each use or use the Martha Stewart Brush and Stencil Cleaner.

The angled tip brushes work perfectly for fine lines.

The angled brushes also work great for touch ups and detailing.

I quickly discovered how valuable the scraper tools are.  See the K up there?  It’s really out of alignment.  The scraper tool easily scraped off the paint and did not scratch the surface at all.  I removed the I as well and just started those two letters over again.   See how clean the surface looks with the letters scraped off?  No paint residue or scratches.  I was able to use the scraper tools throughout the project, cleaning up smudges, mistakes and areas needing to be redone.

I used the Chipotle paint for all the stenciled letters and a few leaf flourishes.  I used the Yellow Jacket and Sweetgrass paint on the rest of the leaf flourishes.

This is the glass bottle I decorated.  I washed it in warm soapy water, let it dry. Then went over the surfaces to be painted with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.

Using the #2 flat brush, I carefully painted the engraved leaves of the bottle with the Yellow Jacket paint.

After the painted leaves dried I carefully cut out my silkscreen design and placed it on the bottle.  Save the backing of the silkscreen.  Just like the stencils, you replace the silkscreen on to the backing for storage.

Using the Chipotle paint, I loaded up the 1/2 pouncer with paint, gently dabbing it on the plate to smooth the surface holding the paint.

Using the same dabbing up and down stokes as before I quickly covered the silkscreen design area with paint and then gently removed the silkscreen right away.  Some areas of the silkscreen are very small and detailed, the paint dries very quickly and will stick to the silkscreen.  Rinse the silkscreen with warm water and let dry.

Here is the silkscreen painted design on my bottle.  So pretty, right?

Here is the finished bottle.  I tied a few strips of brown cotton string to the top.

Here is my Fall Subway art.  The words stenciled in Italic Script are hard to read.  Can you tell the words under Thanks are Caramel Apples?  I’m sure another alphabet stencil would have worked better.  I think the Italic Script works best for monograms.

After I was finished with my subway art I tried out a few pieces of scrapbook paper.  It came down to two paper designs.  I’m still a bit torn on which one I like better.

Here are some shots of each option…

Which color do you like better?  Have you tried Plaid’s new Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint line?

You have to take a look at the new line, there is A LOT of great products and projects in the Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint line.

Here are more amazing tutorials using Plaid’s new Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint line.

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Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Martha Stewart Glass Paints and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are 100% mine.

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  1. Ohhh.. I love this Ami! The subway art is way cool! I love the stencil you used for the bottle too. If I had to pick.. Id say I like the yellow background a little more. And thats hard to say. It all came out so great girlie!

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