DIY Bath & Body Products Round Up and Link Party

Hi friends!! I’m back along with Kate from Cheap Crafty Mama  and Kara from Happy Go Lucky to host another Create & Share Round Up and Link Party!

Each week we share some fabulous projects we’ve found based on a specific topic and then ask y’all to share your own creations that correspond to the topic.

This week we bring you….

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to think about Christmas gifts that I can make for people. I like the idea of making bath and body products because you can make a big batch and give them to a lot of friends… and who can’t use a little pampering now and then?!?

Here are some AWESOME tutorials I have found:

1. Bath Bombs by One Good Thing by Jillee, 2. Lavender Body Butter by May DIY, 3. Lavender and Peppermint foot Cream by Rebecca’s Soap Deli News, 4. Body Butter Bars from Green Experiments, 5. Peppermint and Lemon Foot Soak by Or So She Says…, 6. Snowflake Soaps by Torie Jayne, 7. Chapstick by Tidy Tipsy, 8. Citrus Salt Scrub by Adelyn Stone, 9. Homemade Sugar Scrub by Maybe Matilda, 10. Lip Balm by Martha Stewart

Okay, maybe I at least need to make some for ME if not for gifts! I could definitely use some pampering!

Please share your own DIY bath and body products with us now!

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DIY Bath and Body Products
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How Do You Beat The Bugs? #YikesABug

OK….Let me say first that this post and the research I’ve done behind it has given me a SEVERE case of the “heebie jeebies”!! I am NOT kidding y’all! I keep getting those painful weird shivers that go up your spine and then your head suddenly feels like it’s shrinking! I. Do. NOT. Like. Bugs! I ESPECIALLY, SUPER AMAZINGLY DISLIKE the American Cockroach.

I’ve read that they grow to about two inches long. Well, in Texas everything is bigger, right? I could swear to y’all these “wood roaches” (that’s what we call them) sometimes look like they are 4 inches long. I turn into the biggest scaredy cat you could imagine when one comes my way. After being with my husband for over 14 years he KNOWS my “it’s a ROACH” scream! He will come running with a shoe or a rolled up magazine.

Y’all know they fly right? THEY. FLY! Summers in Texas are always crazy. You have to dodge these crazy flying roaches while your just trying to get inside your home. Sometimes they even come inside. OH, that is the worst!

There are LOTS of other pest down here in Texas, but the American Cockroach is definitely my nightmare!! My sweet precious loving daughter who has a heart heavenly gold, loves bugs! She loves all of them and is so very interested in them. Thank goodness my husband and I have taught her to take them outside so that “they can go home to their mommy”

Can you see the bug under the bowl? It’s just a little one but still a ROACH none the less. She names most of them Charlie, which my sisters beau Charlie just loves!

Now that FALL is here (it’s was 38 degrees this morning!) and that means they start coming inside where it’s warmer. I found a lot of great information about the American Cockroach at has information on every kind of bug, rodent and pest you can think of. You’ll find info on their habitats, habits, threats and THANKFULLY how to get rid of them!

They offer lots of great advice along with help in finding professional services to help you rid what ever pests you have. You’ll find prevention tips, pest FAQ, health information, guest writers and they have a whole section about everything you could ever learn about the bed bugs. You will find extreme infestation articles and videos, articles and videos from the Bug Lady, along with other videos, educational information, PSA’s and a just for fun section. I clicked it, there was a man dressed up as a cockroach…..of course there was a man dressed up as a cockroach. There goes the “heebie jeebies” again!

While I was browsing around their site I found “The Pest Detectives”. It’s a story about an 8 yr old girl named Millie, who loves insects. It’s written by by popular mom blogger Susan Carraretto and illustrated by Collen Madden, “The Pest Detectives” is brought to you by the National Pest Management Association, a non-profit organization committed to the protection of public health, food and property. Sounds perfect for my Alice doesn’t it? is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about bugs, rodents and other household pests. You can identify your infestation, find helpful prevention tips, pest photography and videos, educational articles on a variety of pest topics, and more.

In the fall, pests often enter our homes seeking shelter from colder weather, so it’s important to take steps to pest-proof your home. Pest issues are better handled by licensed pest professionals. They have the knowledge, training and tools to properly identify a pest species and recommend ways to safely remedy an infestation before it becomes a serious problem.

You can find a pest professional in your area by entering your zip code in the Find a Pro database on is how you BEAT THE BUGS!!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the National Pest Management Association. The opinions and text are all mine.

Meow Mix Song Mixing

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Meow Mix for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Did y'all know my husband was once a DJ? He still does DJ gigs from time to time.  So, I have learned a thing or two about "mixing" and  I thought it was kind of funny, that while I was playing around on the 'Meow Mixer' application from Meow Mix, my husband was actually putting a mix together for a gig he is working tomorrow. 

If you click Meow Mix you can create your own custom Meow Mix jingle.  It's really cute and fun.  Alice had a blast playing with the mixer.  There are several different meowing cats that you set up to sing or "meow" the classic Meow Mix jingle. This is one of the fun Meow Mix jingles Alice created using the Meow Mixer application. 

Now, did y'all know I have an eighteen year old cat? His name is Gizmo. I have had him since he was six weeks old. He is super grumpy, constantly hungry and thinks he is King of the castle.  Meow Mix Tender Centers is perfect for his insatiable hunger.  It's crunchy on the outside, meaty and soft on the inside. With flavors of white meat chicken and salmon, Gizmo is always happy to have a bowl. Gizmo also loves the Meow Mix Original Choice made with yummy flavors of chicken, salmon, tuna and ocean fish.  

You can find the Meow Mix brand at Sams Club and  Meow Mix has been around since 1978 and it's most famous known for it's kitty singing jingle. Isn't it fun that we can write our own kitty singing Meow Mix jingle with the Meow Mixer. Go check it out, it's super cute and fun. 

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$85 Target Gift Card Giveaway!!!

I KNOW y’all love Target as much as I do, right?  That is why when Kelley of The Grant Life asked if I wanted to join in on an awesome Target Gift Card Giveaway I said, “YES YES YES!!!”
So, here ya go y’all!!! :)
Contest is open to US and Canada residents.  Ends 12:01 AM on November 8, 2012.  Chance of winning is based on entries. 

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