31 Days To Find The Romance Day 3

Did y’all notice, it’s really day 4??  I’m sorry about that.  I haven’t been myself lately and it’s been going on for a few months now.  Well, I finally know what is wrong.  I have PMDD and it is ROUGH.  It’s really awful feeling so down and not know or understanding why.  It helps a bit knowing what it is, but doesn’t really turn the “downs” into “ups”.  I’ll be starting on hormone therapy soon and I can not wait to be ME again.  If you know anyone that has suffered from PMDD or have been through it yourself, I would love some advice.  It’s really REALLY hard and I do NOT like it one bit.  I am too blessed to feel this down! Ya know!!

OK, enough of the that!  For day 3, I’m sharing something I do from time to time for my husband.  Knowing how happy it makes him, I really should do it more often.  I like to surprise him with a little gift now and then. It could be something as small as his favorite candy bar or something as big as a new video game he’s been waiting to be released for months and months.

Of course it helps if we really pay attention to their wants.  Trust me, I know how hard that is to do! 😉  When I give David a little surprise gift and it’s something he has been hinting at, he is actually happier that I was paying attention than with actually having the gift.

So, pay attention ladies.  The next time your husband starts hollering for you to drop everything and come watch some ridiculous commercial on TV, pay attention to what it is.  It’s totally OK to give them that “you must be crazy, you know I’m trying to cook dinner” look as long as you surprise him one day with what ever it was he just HAD to show you.

It’s a bit more fun if you put your little surprise in something like his work bag, the glove compartment of the car or somewhere inconspicuous but that he would find it pretty quickly.

While looking for a “happy hubby” picture of David I came across this one.  How ADORABLE are these two and perfect since Halloween is right around the corner!

Do you give your significant other little surprise gifts from time to time?  Doesn’t it just make them so happy!

A happy love equals a romantic love!

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