31 Days To Find The Romance In Your Marriage Day 10 & 11

No matter how I hear or read this next tip it always kinda rubs me wrong.  Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s just because our bodies are something very private and well very much our own.  When someone tells you, you should do this, try that,  wear this that way, doesn’t it hit a nerve?

SO…….with that being said, YOU should take a shower!  Ha! Just kidding.  When it comes to our significant others, I think it says a lot when we go the extra mile in taking care of ourselves.  I know when David splashes on cologne, wears my favorite shirt and combs his hair and we are only staying in an watching a movie it really makes me feel special.  I’m certain if we do the same it makes them feel special as well.

Next time your having a night in together,  wear something skimpy, put on some perfume, tussle up your hair and for the sake of all men out there….SHAVE!! LOL I had to throw that one in there for my hubs.  Poor David, he normally sleeps with a chia pet!


Now, lets have Day 10 bleed into Day 11.  Cook him his favorite meal, make sure the kiddos are in bed early or at least on time (HA! on time!), take a shower, put on some perfume, wear something sexy, put on some make up, and do you hair.  Serve him dinner by candle light.  He will feel so special, so loved and romantic!!

David has done the above for me a few times and seriously, you can’t help but feel romantic.

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