31 Days To Find The Romance In Your Marriage Day 2

I can’t remember exactly where I heard this next tip.  I know that David has mentioned it to me a few times and when I make sure that “it” happens he’s always in a much more happy and loving mood.  He acts as if I’ve done him a great favor by giving him a little space.

Now, I don’t mean “I need some space” space. What I mean is it’s important sometimes after our significant others come home after a long stressful day to give them space.  I know we all want to shower them with attention, especially after a “bad day” but sometimes all they need is a few moments to just unwind.

So, what I do is just let him be.  He comes home, kisses me, kisses Alice then heads upstairs.  He’ll change, relax while watching TV or catching up on emails or something.  Maybe he plays video games, I’m not exactly sure what he does because, well, I just leave him alone and I make sure Alice does too.

It won’t even be an hour (most of the time) before he’s back down stairs, playing with Alice and trying to steal bites of the dinner I’m cooking.  If you ask me it’s kind of odd how much it makes him feel better.  But, then again there is NOTHING like using the bathroom IN PEACE, BY YOUR SELF!  If I think of that way, then yes I completely see why it makes him so happy.

I will tell y’all this, happy husband equals romantic “you’re going to put the kid to sleep early tonight” husband.

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