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Hey y’all!!!  Any CSI fans out there??  I have a fun game for y’all.  It’s called CSI: Miami Heat Wave and it’s a FREE Facebook game!  I started to play it a few days ago.  I intended to just learn a few things so that I could write up a great post for all you CSI and gaming fans.  BUT….I LOVE IT!

When I first started to play I thought it was fun but didn’t see much “strategy” involved. Well, that was until I did my first round of suspect questioning.  I went to click on the first option for questions and one of my agents appeared on the screen with hand in his hand telling me to try again.  I was a bit dumbstruck.  So, I sat back and re-read everything.  The next question I chose because it sounded like something an intelligent CSI agent would say while glaring at the suspect all intense like.  This time he appear with a thumbs up and I earned some cash and points towards a higher level!  YAY!

First you set up your agent.  I always think creating avatar characters is so much fun, isn’t it?  You could go with a norm.

Or you could go with something like this.  She doesn’t look very happy does she?

Once you’re all set up you get your first case.  You search for evidence, process it in the lab and then question the suspects.

You search different locations until you find a trace. Then it’s ON!

There will be several pieces of evidence you will be looking for in several different locations.

Once you find evidence, you head to the lab to process it.  Then you will have suspects to question.

After a few rounds of correct questioning you’ll get your guy!

It’s really a lot of fun! I’m already hooked.

There are supplies and other items you need to complete missions and you get those supplies from other players.  Now, I need to go find some other players as I’m out of important supplies!!  Anyone wanna join me?? I am in desperate need of “revealers” HAHA!  No really, I need some revealer and some friends to play along!

Click on over and check out the new CSI: Miami Heat Wave on Facebook game!  You can add me too while you’re at it so we can play together! (hint hint)

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