Meow Mix Song Mixing

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Did y'all know my husband was once a DJ? He still does DJ gigs from time to time.  So, I have learned a thing or two about "mixing" and  I thought it was kind of funny, that while I was playing around on the 'Meow Mixer' application from Meow Mix, my husband was actually putting a mix together for a gig he is working tomorrow. 

If you click Meow Mix you can create your own custom Meow Mix jingle.  It's really cute and fun.  Alice had a blast playing with the mixer.  There are several different meowing cats that you set up to sing or "meow" the classic Meow Mix jingle. This is one of the fun Meow Mix jingles Alice created using the Meow Mixer application. 

Now, did y'all know I have an eighteen year old cat? His name is Gizmo. I have had him since he was six weeks old. He is super grumpy, constantly hungry and thinks he is King of the castle.  Meow Mix Tender Centers is perfect for his insatiable hunger.  It's crunchy on the outside, meaty and soft on the inside. With flavors of white meat chicken and salmon, Gizmo is always happy to have a bowl. Gizmo also loves the Meow Mix Original Choice made with yummy flavors of chicken, salmon, tuna and ocean fish.  

You can find the Meow Mix brand at Sams Club and  Meow Mix has been around since 1978 and it's most famous known for it's kitty singing jingle. Isn't it fun that we can write our own kitty singing Meow Mix jingle with the Meow Mixer. Go check it out, it's super cute and fun. 

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