31 Day Series and WATT’s Been Happening Update

I promise I haven’t forgotten about my 31 day series.  Alice is sick with a bad cough and congestion.  She stayed home from school yesterday and we spent the day hanging out watching movies and playing on her ABCmouse account.  It was really nice hanging out with her all day.   She’s so sweet.


And THEN, there was the whole Texans remaining UNDEFEATED thing!!  5 and ZERO y’all!!

That dude right there is just….JJ Watt is the craziest football player I’ve ever seen!  Now, I’m new to the whole football thing, so there could have been crazier players or players just as crazy but for me, right now, this guys blows my mind!  He’s NUTS!  I would think ANYONE who is on the opposite end of his defense would be, SHOULD be terrified!

Check out Day 4  of my 31 day of romance series.  There is more awesome Texans news along with a tip that is sure to bring some romance into your life!

You can follow all of the 31 days to find the romance series here.

I’m at home with the baby girl again today.  She’s doing better , but still coughing a lot.  Right now, we are going through her My Little Pony activity book.  I’ll see y’all tonight.  I’ll have days 7, 8 and 9  posted later tonight.  I’m also working on a new fun seasonal wreath and fun ways to throw a Halloween kid party on a budget!!  I can’t wait to show y’all!

Have an awesome day!

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