Add some DANCEgiving to your Thanksgiving!!!


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My family and I got the awesome opportunity to review Just Dance 4 recently!  We had such a blast playing.

 I was really surprised that the girls (Angie 7, April 6 and my Alice 4) all asked that we play again on Thanksgiving day.  PERFECT, right?  Such smart girls, eh?

I mean really, it’s a perfect fun family game. It will get your adrenaline pumping again after that tryptophan has made you sleepy.  It’s a great to burn off all those calories. OR, give yourself a great excuse to have that extra piece of pumpkin pie!!

It’s a lot of fun and your whole family will want to get involved.  Just Dance 4 is so much fun, I bet even the guys will venture in for a turn at the game instead of lounging around watching football! (TEXANS disclaimer!! Um….AFTER the Texans game! GO TEXANS!!!)

There are a ton of great songs to dance to! Today’s hits, yesterday’s hits and classics.  The better you dance the more songs you’ll unlock.  I think the dance moves are fun and easy to achieve. The battle round is a great way to get everyone involved.

It will be so great to have everyone up and exercising while having a blast instead of everyone napping.  Just think, once your metabolism is sped up, the food processes faster, which means….you can go back for thirds!!  Doesn’t everyone always wish they could just eat more of something on Thanksgiving?  Mine are usually the sweet potato casserole or pumpkin cheesecake!!  Well, this way you can!!

Girls….y’all are genius! Yes, I will bring Just Dance 4 along for us to play on Thanksgiving!

What fun things do y’all do for fun on Thanksgiving?

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