Stress Free Kitties with Comfort Zone® with Feliway® Products

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I've had my Gizmo kitty for over 18 years now. Got him when he was just 6 weeks old. He is a big furball of love, BUT he is also super grumpy, ornery, rude and must plain mean. He is king and anyone that second guesses that gets hissed at!  

When the holidays come around he is especially grumpy.  After using the Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products for over 30 days I did see a difference in his demeanor. Gizmo wasn't quite as grumpy and seemed calmer when company was over.  He even let my 6 yr old niece tote him around the house like he was a baby. 

It makes me wonder if it would help around Thanksgiving or Christmas time when the house is full of guests. 

Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products works by continuously releasing an odorless vapor that mimics the feline facial pheromone. It helps reduce urine marking and scratching associated with fear and stressful situations.  

It's a plug in which is very convinient. You just plug it in where ever your cat is to help keep them calm.  It would be great for stressful situtions like have guests in your home, cats being left alone, a new enviorment and even travel. 

Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products comes in a plug in diffuser or a spray. The spray would work great for travel. The diffuser is also great in multi-cat homes by helping keep the cats calm around one another. You can also spary areas where your cat has recently scatched or maked to help prevent them from going back and scratching or marking again. 

I tried the spray and did notice that Gizmo didn't scratch or mark those areas again.  Have to keep that in mind when I bring home some new furniture!

You can check out Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products on Facebook for more information. 

It is reccomended that you try out Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products for 90 days to see how your cat responds to it. Follow the directions in the product insert for detailed usage. 

If your cat has any health issues be sure to speak with your Vet before trying Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products.

You can find Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products online and in specialty pet stores like PetSmart and Petco, along with other independent pet stores. 

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