Holiday Handprint Ornament Keepsake from Pottery Barn Kids

I’m so excited I was given the opportunity to try out the Holiday Handprint Ornament from Pottery Barn Kids.  As a mommy I just LOVE any kind of sentimental keepsakes.  I cherish every moment I have with Alice and being able to keep a moment forever set in stone marshmallowy clay is perfect.

Alice loved creating this with me.  Alice being old enough to make this herself just makes the ornament even more special!

I had my hubs open up the bag of clay and the first thing he said with “OH, it’s like marshmallows” which is just was the directions stated it would be. It’s soft and the perfect snowy white color.

The directions were easy to follow.

Here is Alice kneading the dough.

and here she is rolling the dough.  The kit comes with everything you need. Cookie cutters, rolling pin, ribbon, hole punch, glue, safe and non-toxic air dry marshmallow clay and snowy glitter if you choose the glitter ornament. There is no mixing, measuring or baking involved. So, if your kids are old enough this is a wonderful craft for them to make and makes for an extra special gift or keepsake.

Alice placing her handprint.

After using the cookie cutter to cut out our ornament we had a little extra clay and made a lil’ snowman ornament.

After it dried over night I added the glue with a paint brush so that I didn’t get it in her actual handprint.

I used another dry paintbrush to gently brush away the extra glitter from her handprint.

After we let the glitter dry over night, I used the hole punch then added the ribbon.

Here is Alice’s special Holiday Handprint Ornament from Pottery Barn Kids!! Adorable isn’t it!? I just love it!

Here is the snowman we made!

They both made a wonderful addition to our Christmas tree.

Shopping at Pottery Barn Kids was fun. Everything is so pretty and whimsical in the store.

While I was there I grabbed Alie this adorable Thankful Plate!

Pottery Barn Kids features a large selection of wonderful gifts and keepsake items ideal for gift giving and receiving for any special occasion all year long . Each item is set to to capture precious moments of a child’s life, and make lasting memories. The Holiday Handprint Ornament would make a great baby gift and keepsake, makes every baby shower, christening , baptism, birthday, or any occasion for that matter, all the more special.

The Holiday Handprint Ornament can be purchased at Pottery Barn Kids In store  or online.


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