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I am a proud Auntie and have been around babies all my life. Even so, I did not know how much baby proofing you really had to do until I had my own child. You do not see all those hidden dangers until your looking through the eyes of a parent. 

Before Alice was born we had all the furniture strapped to the wall studs, electrical outlets covered and cabinets locks installed. Then when they become active babies there are the door covers, door stoppers, window locks, gates, furniture corner covers, oven knob covers, and so on. 

I received a baby proofing kit at my baby shower and in this kit was a strange looking device. I had NO IDEA what it was and did not want to look like a dummy, so I waited till after the party to ask my mom.

It was a toilet seat lock. I had never thought of that one before. After Alice was born we had the toilet seat lock installed and sure enough, if she crawled into the bathroom while mommy was getting ready she tried to lift that seat!! I'm so happy I had one! 

Here is something else new parents need to baby proof, THEMSELVES!!! What I mean if making sure about babies are equip with a diaper that not only will keep baby dry, the crib dry but also mommy and daddy dry!! I've had a few diapers leak through onto my lap! What is even more embarrassing is when someone else is holding the baby and the diaper leaks through! HUGGIES® with Sure Fit gives you leak protection, baby proofing you, your family and friends. HUGGIES® Snug & Dry Diapers are available at Walmart. While at Walmart you can also stock up on 

HUGGIES® Little Movers Diapers

Bonus Pack Diapers and

HUGGIES® Triple Clean* Wipes

Everything you need to keep baby happy and dry and baby proof yourself from embarrassing leaks. 

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