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My husband planned a "kids in bed early" dinner date with me a few nights ago.  He planned to cook a delicious chicken dish.  I bought a bottle of wine to go with our meal.  Knowing white wine goes well with chicken I bought a Moscato.  I know, all the wine aficionado's out there just "scoffed" at my selection, but I LOVE Moscato.  While at the store I deliberately chose an inexpensive Moscato that I knew had a bitter, too bubbly taste.  I knew I would be testing out the VinoVinti and wanted to give it a true taste test. 

 The VinoVinti it very easy to use.  You just pour out a small amount of wine.  Keep that small amount of wine for before and after tasting.  Then place the rod in the bottle, attach pump and pump for a few seconds.  My husband and I were incredibly surprised by the difference the wine tasted.  The VinoVinti absolutely made the wine taste better.  It took a $4 bottle of wine and made it taste like an expensive bottle of wine.  The wine was bitter, harsh and too bubbly before and after using the VinoVinti it was smooth and sweet.  A huge improvement.


Below is a short video displaying how the VinoVinti works. 

I am honestly blown away by how much the VinoVinti improved the taste of the wine.  I am so excited to try it again and again.  I know several friends and family members that would LOVE to unwrap a VinoVinti for Christmas this season.  What a perfect gift for a wine lover.  They can take any wine and imporove it's taste and texture using the ViniVinti.  You can purchase the VinoVinti online now.  Like VinoVinti on Facebook to follow along and stay up to date. 

Wouldn't you love a VinoVinti? Are you a wine lover? Who would you buy a VinoVinti for? 

**Please drink responsibly, and as always, only drink if you are at least 21 years or older.**


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