Stress Free Holiday Entertaining with Cottonelle

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It’s official! The holidays are HERE!! I am so excited. Our tree is up, my fall mantel is down and I can’t wait to finish decorating inside! Do you host a holiday party are your house?  Do you have relatives over for the holidays?  We usually have family that fly’s in and stays with us. Of all the important things I need to do to make their stay comfortable and fun I HAVE TO make sure the bathroom is well stocked!

Easy Holiday with Cottonelle Triple Roll 4

It’s quite embarrassing to have a guest run out of toilet paper from behind the locked bathroom door.  Then being the guest having to either holler from behind the closed door for toilet paper or digging around trying to find where it’s kept.  The holidays and having family or friends staying in your home should be a wonderful, joyous time, not of time of stress or embarrassment.  Even during a holiday party it can be a stressful time worrying if there is toilet paper ready and available for your guests.

Now, I am ONE LUCKY WIFE, because I have a husband that works along with me in always replacing the roll.  No empty rolls or toilet paper rolls sitting on the counter or on the empty bar itself in our house!  It wasn’t always this way! There was a time it seemed like I was the only one that put the toilet paper back on the empty bar. So, I know what it’s like.  I have a PERFECT solution to the dreaded empty roll during parties or while guests are staying over, running from bathroom to bathroom refilling toilet paper and to the toilet paper sitting on the counter as opposed to being on the bar…..


Easy Holiday with Cottonelle Triple Roll 3

Cottonelle’s Triple Roll is their longest roll and still fits standard roll holders!  It’s so long you wont have to worry about changing the roll. Your guests are happy, you are happy, it’s a win!!

I found these great Holiday bathroom decor ideas online….

Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas

Picture source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

I decided to create a cute, easy, Holiday display in my guest bathroom.  With the Cottonelle Triple Roll I wont have to stress over replacing the roll, but just in case; I put a few rolls in a Christmas basket on the counter. That way I don’t have to stress and my guests don’t have to stress either.

Easy Holiday with Cottonelle Triple Roll

Easy Holiday with Cottonelle Triple Roll 5

Easy and stress free holiday decor with easy and stress free Cottonelle Triple Roll.

We shopped at Target for our 12 pack of Cottonelle Triple Roll. Right now if you shop at Target to buy YOUR 12 pack of Cottonelle Triple Roll or large you will get a free box of Kleenex (while supplies last)!!

Click the coupon image below for your coupon but know that the RevTrax system will only let you click on this coupon twice  per IP address so do not click on it till you are ready to print and shop at Target!

Cottonelle Triple Roll Coupon


Now, I’m curious…. Do you host holiday parties or have guest stay over at your home?  What stress free holiday entertaining tips to do you know??

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