Having Kids and Gaining Poise Moments!

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I’ll be honest, I thought bladder leakage after child birth was just from that, child birth! I had a c-section and can tell you it’s not! Just carrying a child and you can experience bladder leakage! So, today we are going to talk about bladder leakage protection.

incontinence protection

During and after having my precious daughter I began to notice every sneeze, cough, even a giggle would cause bladder leakage! It’s hard to feel confident and at ease when you are out with your friends or family knowing an embarrassing accident could happen at any moment. I was never comfortable going out and certainly shied away from having too much fun! You know what happens when you have too much fun, you laugh, sometimes so hard you cry and next thing you know all the fun is gone and here comes the embarrassment of having had an accident!

my family

Going out with my family, my loved ones should never be a scary or apprehensive moment!

So, we either continue being worried and reclusive shying away from going out, or we seize our “Poise Moment!”

That is JUST what I’ve done! I’ve gained my confidence back by seizing my “POISE MOMENT”! I am much more confident and quick to say YES to going out!


My daughter asked me if we could go walk the mall and this was her response to my saying “YES”!

Currently I am 4 months pregnant and the bladder leakage issues have become a lot worse! Plus, I have a cold and with every cough and every sneeze…..mamma’s out there, you know what that means! And seriously, is that the cutest baby bump!? I have definitely popped!!

baby finn

I went shopping at Kroger and found the Poise Thin Shaped Pads and I have been using them for a few days now and they are absolutely a lifesaver! I can go out, hang out, have fun and enjoy life again without worrying about an accident!  A mommy-friend just confided in my a few days ago that she usually packs several pants and underwear when leaving the house only to end up with a jacket tied around her waist to hide the accident!

bladder leakage protection

Mommy’s, I know you know that pain! I sure do. What’s great is having the confidence to go out without extra clothes knowing Poise has my back. No more embarrassing accidents!

Check out the coupon below and go find your Poise Moment!

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Do you have a “oops” moment you would like to share?

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