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Easy Hair Tips for Women with Thinning Hair

I’m going to talk about hair today! I have long thick hair BUT….I have this spot of thinning hair at the very front of my hairline. Will it become more? Is it the start of more? I really don’t want to wait around to find out and so I’m trying Women’s ROGAINE® Foam!

alilily rogaine

Do you see it? That thinning little spot in the center of my hair line? Of course when I look at it it’s the size of a football field (yes, I always have football on my brain!!)!


The ROGAINE® Brand is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for hair regrowth but not just for men, for women as well! Women’s ROGAINE® Foam 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol is the first and only FDA-approved once daily treatment for Women – morning or night – for hereditary hair loss. For 1 in 3 women the onset of female pattern hair loss can start between puberty and the 20s with a second peak in the early 40s, which is right where I am now. Left untreated, hair thinning can worsen over time and that is what I DO NOT want to happen!! Hair loss can come from either the mother or father’s side of the family. Did you know, most people lose between 50-100 hairs a day, which is considered normal hair loss. A consistent loss of 150 hairs a day is considered significant hair loss.

I had the pleasure of asking a few questions to the Women’s ROGAINE® Brand Ambassador, Jill Crosby.

Hi Jill, thank you for answering these questions for us today. I am presently experiencing hair loss and I find it quiet scary. It isn’t something that is discussed very much yet it is something a lot of women face. How many women actually have to deal with hair loss and are there early signs to look for?

Hi Ami! Unfortunately 1 out of every 3 women will face hair loss in her life time , a very high number.

Do you have any personal experiences with hair loss?

Yes , I too have gone through the journey myself. I have a personal understanding of the emotional side of this experience.

What makes Women’s ROGAINE® Foam different from other hair loss treatments on the market?

Women’s ROGAINE® Foam is such a unique product! It is the only FDA approved, once a day treatment proven to regrow hair on the market today.

I have not used conditioner for over 2 years and only use coconut oil to condition and it has made the biggest difference in my hair. It’s healthier and shinier than ever before. I almost want to stop using commercial shampoos. Do you think that the chemicals in today’s shampoos and conditioners play a part in non hereditary hair loss?

Yes, I personally think that many of the chemicals found in commercial hair “care” products contribute to NON- hereditary hair loss.  It is very astute of you to take note on that.  Whenever its possible to use natural products to achieve a look , then I am all for that .

Check out Women’s ROGAINE® Foam  website for more information. Make sure you click HERE for some great coupon offers from Women’s ROGAINE® Foam!!

Now, in the meantime here are some great tips I’ve found online and tips of my own to make hair look thicker and fuller!

full hair

One that is really simply and easy….tease! Tease your hair just a bit or a lot, however you like and your hair will appear to be fuller!

This my hair before teasing and then after. I just tease a little bit while my head and hair are upside down. Flip and VIOLA, fuller hair!

thin to full hair

If you have thin or thinning hair you need to avoid detergents, polymers, proteins, damaging alcohols, and ammonia that is found in traditional shampoos in the form of ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. Here is a list of Sulfate Free Shampoo’s and Conditioners.

Take it easy on the HEAT! Don’t blow dry as often and use the lowest setting you can on your straightener or curling iron. Did y’all know I don’t blow dry my hair at all! ALL THIS HAIR and I never blow dry!

no hair dryer

I’ve also heard it’s good not to color your hair too much. Can you tell I take this advice!? I don’t like it but I try not to color my hair too much!

alilily gray hair

DON’T BRUSH YOUR HAIR!!! I don’t! I use a very wide tooth comb when needed but mostly I brush my tangles out with my fingers.

alilily comb

Here is one that I’m always telling people and constantly getting crazy looks about. DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY! I wash mine every 3 days! Surprisingly after months of doing this my hair and scalp took on a much healthier life. It took a while for the build up of years of products to go away but it’s gone and my hair and scalp are healthier than they ever have been. No more dandruff, itchy scalp, hair always smells nice!

Women’s ROGAINE® Foam product was provided by the brand. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Easy and Quick Christmas Gifts for Teachers

It’s already time to think about Christmas Gift for Teachers!? WHAT?! CHRISTMAS!! It’s already way too close for the comfort of my sanity, and my bank account!

easy teacher gift ideas for christmas

I like easy, I like quick but I also love handmade and gifts made by our children. So to get easy, quick and sentimentally handmade I have created this great list of ideas that are just that!!

I was an Early Childhood Teacher and I can tell y’all, gift cards are a GREAT gift for a teacher. Here are some adorable ways to dress up a gift card.


How adorable is this!?! I know Alice would LOVE to make these for her teachers! Check out the simple tutorial at That’s What CHE Said.


I just LOVE these Starbucks Gift Card gift at Hi Sugarplum!

gift card gfts

These handmade gift card holders are so nice! See more at Procrastination Station.

6a00d8341f7d7f53ef01b7c7ac269f970b-450wi See how to make this gorgeous card holder at Claire Daly!


THIS!! How awesome is this cute idea! I have tons of mason jars I could use to make this!! Check out the tutorial at Catch My Party!


Kelly at SimplyKellyDesigns not only shows you how to create these adorable coffee container tags but has downloads as well!

gift card ideas

I have ALL the supplies needed to make these cute Christmas ornament gift card holders! I can’t wait to make a few with Alice. You can see more at Leaf and Letter!

I found these great ideas for simple gifts if you’re not giving gift-cards.


ACK!! How cute, right? Download these adorable tags provided by Michelle at 4men1lady!


I love this cute and simple idea!! See more at Right At Home.

I LOVE THIS!! It’s a great teacher gift any time of the year! Download this cute tag and see more at Lil Luna.

redbox-tag-3 This movie night gift idea is so great!! Great for a teacher, neighbor or family friend! Pam has several tag designs to download at Over The Big Moon.

gift ideas

I know quite a few teachers, friends, family members that would love this gift! It’s sweet, simple and us girls, we LOVE nail polish!! Download tags and see more at PersiaLou.


How cute is this handmade treat cup!? See all the details at Simple As That.


You can find these tags are more at Simple As That for a great EOS lip balm gift!

Aren’t those great ideas? They are cute, simple, easy and you can add a personal touch or how the kids hand-make them for their teachers!

If you have any other great ideas I would LOVE for you to share them in the comments below.

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It’s ALL God’s Favor

I have to share this, y’all!!


Alice accidentally dropped my phone out the window of the van while on the 610 west to 59 north ramp. Yes, outside the window on the freeway going 55+ mph! David turned around, we all prayed, we drove the ramp with hazzards on as slow as we could go without causing a wreck and on the 3rd try, there was my phone! No cars in sight in the ramp at that exact moment, David jumped out and grabbed it. Besides the case being scratched up from falling to the ground on the freeway, it works fine. And not a single scratch on my screen which does NOT have a screen protector on it!!!

God is SO GOOD!!!

Found a church home,  Journey Church, saw my parents who took care of us and filled our fridge with groceries and God saved my phone and protected us while we looked for it!! Pretty amazing wouldn’t you say!!

God’s favor is absolutely amazing!!!

Gotta love my HTC One M8 with gorilla glass and my GreatShield case, too!!!

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A TON of Halloween Costumes, Party Tips, Games, Recipes and More

My daughter made a comment yesterday about the Halloween decorations and costumes she saw at our local grocery store. She said, “It’s not even September and there is Halloween stuff out”! It made me remember that us bloggers run on the same “super early” schedule the stores do. So, I sat down and started to think of what I could do for a Halloween post. I realized I have SO MUCH Halloween awesomeness on here already I decided to create a single post highlighting it all. Ya know, easy to find, easy access!

Halloween Round Up

Some are my own, some are amazing Halloween coolness I’ve found on the web!

DIY Halloween Costume for the Kids

50 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween Treats

Halloween round up button

65 Free Halloween Party Printables

halloween round up kid stuff

40+ Kid Friendly Halloween Ideas

halloween lunch ideas

Halloween Lunch Ideas


25+ Halloween Mantels

sentimental halloween wreath

From Tutu to Wreath (yes, that’s my Alie!)

Spooky Branch Collage

Spooky Halloween Paint Chip Branch


Halloween Popper Mummies


Girlfriend Group Costume Ideas

pizza mummy collage

Pizza Mummies

Inexpensive kid halloween party ideas

Inexpensive Halloween Party Ideas

halloween_crafts_kids2-427x1024 Halloween Crafts for Kids


Halloween Glass Jar Decor

DIY My Little Pony Applejack Halloween Costume Collage

Alice insisted that I add the My Little Pony Applejack Costume I made her!!!!


Couple Costume Ideas

I sure hope y’all find something awesome in this list! I would love for you to share your Halloween posts, costumes, ideas, recipes in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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