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20 Wishes in One Year!

I am joining Kassi and Kayli of Truly Lovely’s 20 Wish link party! You can read more about this wonderful concept and how it came to be here!  It’s really great and I just had to join in.  My precious Alice is 4 now and I’m finding myself saying “ya know, I wish I had…”  I have to put an end it that!  Last night when I went to sleep she was in her crib and this morning I’m dropping her off at Pre K!!!  It’s so cliche but so TRUE, time FLIES by when you have a kid. I want to do SO MUCH MORE with her!!  I also find myself looking at my husband David and thinking “I remember when we…”

So, my 20 wishes are going to have a LOT to do with them.  And….it will have a bit to do with things I would LOVE to do!

Here is my list!

1. Go camping, IN A TENT, over night with Alice and David

2. Go to a movie…BY MYSELF! I’ve never done that, or even eaten somewhere by myself!!

3. Take a walk on the beach hand and hand with David (wanna babysit? lol)

4. Throw a super fun sleep over for Alice and her cousins

5. Have a Girls Night Out!!

6. Take Alice Christmas Caroling! ( Ya know, at the relatives house since NOBODY does this anymore!)

7. Go Ice Skating with Alice and David

8. Go Roller Skating with Alice and David

9. Take a trip to Fiesta Texas with Alice and David

10. Visit our loved ones in Arizona

11. Buy 10 NEW pairs of heels!! (My feet grew a whole size while I was preggers and I desperately need some heels!!)

12. Have a totally girly girl day with Alice

13. Kiss David in the rain (it’s been too long)

14. FINISH Alie’s dresser!!

15. Paint PAINT PAINT!!!! (you’ll know when I do it!)

16. Actually leave my precious daughter in the care of another (OH THE HORROR!! LOL) while I spend a weekend away with my hubby hubby buns!

17. Take Alice to a concert! (with ear plugs of course)

18.  Take a dancing class with David

19. Get a new tattoo!!! (it’s been too long!)

20.  Take a trip to Destin with Alice and David


Truly Lovely

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If you can’t think of an entire list of 20 wishes, we would still love for you to link up what you have. You can always add more later.
As you can see the first few in the link up here are our co-hosts.
We aren’t requiring you to follow anybody, visit anybody, or anything else really. The point is for you to have a place to share and work towards accomplishing those things you really want to do. Although, we do hope that if you’re looking for a new bloggie friend you’ll check out the ladies in our list… We love them all and you will too.

So, what are your 20 wishes?

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