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It’s ALL God’s Favor

I have to share this, y’all!!


Alice accidentally dropped my phone out the window of the van while on the 610 west to 59 north ramp. Yes, outside the window on the freeway going 55+ mph! David turned around, we all prayed, we drove the ramp with hazzards on as slow as we could go without causing a wreck and on the 3rd try, there was my phone! No cars in sight in the ramp at that exact moment, David jumped out and grabbed it. Besides the case being scratched up from falling to the ground on the freeway, it works fine. And not a single scratch on my screen which does NOT have a screen protector on it!!!

God is SO GOOD!!!

Found a church home,  Journey Church, saw my parents who took care of us and filled our fridge with groceries and God saved my phone and protected us while we looked for it!! Pretty amazing wouldn’t you say!!

God’s favor is absolutely amazing!!!

Gotta love my HTC One M8 with gorilla glass and my GreatShield case, too!!!

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Education Through Movement: Active Hands On Learning for Kids

Education through movement is something I really love. Active hands on learning for kids is wonderful.

Education Movement

My Alice is 7 years old now and I’ve noticed over the years that she is a “wiggler”! She is always moving and I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t affect her learning process. In fact, I believe it helps it. Her brain thrives outside, hands while being active.

I have apps, and she has learning tablets. I have bought her workbooks, worksheets and all kinds of sit down and learn materials. She retains so much more information from being involved physically then reading and writing.

Now, I’m not knocking reading and writing. Alice loves to read, write and draw. I already need to purchase a storage unit for the short stories she’s created for us. I just wanted to find more active ways to help her learn. It gets us outside and away from the TV, smartphones and tablets. It involves the whole family and it’s fun!

Here are some wonderful examples and ideas of Education Through Movement that I have found online.


Hands on Math Fun


Outdoor Learning Activities


Sight Word Games

Science for Kids Science for Kids


Roll and Write Activity


Outdoor Learning


Reading and Match with Sidewalk Chalk

Exploring Music with Kids

Exploring Music


Learning about the Human Body


Outdoor Math


Move and Learn


Phonics Made Fun


Education Activities


Writing Activities

hands on literacy activities

Hands on Literacy Activities


Brain Break Activities

Thanks for stopping by!!

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