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Hi ya’ll, I’m Ami.


I’m a mommy to two beautiful girls!


Marlayna has been my daughter since she was 3!

Marli and I

After a 5 and a half year fertility battle we were FINALLY pregnant and I gave birth to our precious Alice Marie.

Alie and I

I am a wife to the worlds most wonderful and incredibly handsome husband, David.

David and I

I am a Christ follower. I am forgiven and saved and it’s the most beautiful thing ever!!

This is the beautiful family that God has blessed me with.

allison family

AliLily is where I love to share what I have learned in the blogging community! The 5 years I have been blogging I’ve learned the blogsphere is a whole other world!  Full of crafty mommies posting about DIY home decor, crafting with kids, kid stories, helpful insight, recipes and so much more.  What began as a creative outlet for crafting and jewelry making, this blog has become a place where I like to share the amazing things I find online, tips, advice, easy DIY’s, tutorials, recipes, educational ideas and more. I’ve learned  how to create a beautiful world on a budget.  As an Early Childhood Teacher I’ve learned new and exciting ways to teach and grab a child’s attention!

I love to cook and ladies, I married a man who is a closet chef!! So, I love to share the recipes we come up with. On here, I take you through step by step picture  Tutorials and Recipes.  I feature amazing tutorials, recipes and inspiration from other bloggers out here, as well.

If you have any questions just contact me below. I also do review and sponsor posts. If you would like me to do a review for your product or want a feature spotlight of your blog please send me a message in the contact form below.

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