Blog Swap with Truly Lovely

Hello friends and followers of AliLilly!!!

I am so excited to be here, blog swapping with Miss Ami!

PLEASE, PLEASE don’t brush aside this post as, ‘It’s just a guest blogger… No Ami loveliness today‘… and then carry on through your blog roll!

That would make me so sad!!

I am thrilled to get the chance to share a little about myself and my blog with you lovely AliLilly readers, so PLEASE stick around!!!

Ami is definitely my Bloggie bestie!!!

E-mails, facebook, twitter, etc… is NOT safe from us!!!

I’m so excited to hopefully get to meet Miss Ami someday soon in person since we share the same home state of AZ!!!

So… Now that I’m done gushing over Ami and her fabulousness…

My name is Kassi! I, along with my sister, Kayli, produce Truly Lovely!!

Yep, that’s me!!! 😉

It’s a blog about the things that we find to be well… Truly Lovely! 😉

We’ve only been blogging for a few short months, but like most things we Laney Sisters do, we jumped in head first!!

AND we love it! We love the community, sharing ideas, and learning new things from other bloggers, like Miss Ami!!

The things that we find to be Lovely include crafts, such as these personalized tile coasters that I made as a cheap, easy, but still lovely gift!


Or this upcycled purse that Kayli fancied up with some fun flowers!

We also enjoy sharing our favorite recipes… Which have included these tasty Mint Oreo Brownie treats!!

Besides our crafting and cooking endeavors, we share little tid bits of our lives, which at the moment revolve around Kayli graduating high school and picking a college. As well as my wedding planning for this summer!

We also love showing off YOUR projects, so we host a fun linky party every Friday, with our favorites featured every following Monday!

We would love to see you link up tomorrow at Fancy This Fridays!!!

*wink wink*

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Like I said, we’re new to the blogging world and we would love for you to stop by and share a little encouragement!

We newbies can use all the help we can get!

Thanks to Miss Ami for blog swapping with us today!

We think AliLilly is TRULY LOVELY!!

You can get your daily fix of Ami over at our blog, Truly Lovely right now!!!

We hope you’ll stop by and say hi!

And all you lovely Truly Lovely ladies stopping by, we know Miss Ami would love having you as a new follower! We love you, so she will too!!

Happy Thursday friends!!!

The Sweetest Cupcakes Ever

I hope you are not looking for some special secret passed down from Grandma to Grandma recipe.  You wont find that here.  What you will find is the Sweetest Cupcakes Ever.  Why you ask?  Because me sweet little princess of a daughter helped me make and decorate them. 

This is what I used.  Found them at Target. 
Alice placed the liners in our little pans. 

 Then we blended up the ingredients.  And for anyone who noticed YES that is the cereal bowl from the movie Friday!!  Hahaha!
Now, Mommy ran the blender.  I did let her hold it for a few seconds to get a feel of it and for this picture!  Sorry Ladies, Santa left my KitchenAid stand up mixer back at the North Pole.  He promised to bring it next Christmas.  I must say though, this little mixer is great and does everything I need!!
While Miss Alie napped the and after the cupcakes cooled.  I decorated them.
I really hope you noticed that I METICULOUSLY placed each heart and sprinkle.  I figured it was so EASY to make these I might as well spend a little extra time on making them pretty.  I wasn’t quite done by the time Alie woke up from her nap and so she took over the decorating from there and gave her Mommy a break.  PHEW! I needed one too! 
She did a GREAT job.  Her cupcakes are just so precious.  I should tell y’all, they are her first!
How precious are her cupcakes? I’m so proud of my sweet little helper.

Thanks for stopping by!

Blog Swap with Racheal of Lovely Crafty Home

Hi everyone!! *waves*
I’m so excited to be swapping today with Ami on AliLilly! Ami is a jack  of all trades, from cooking to jewelry- so many creative things to read  about! My name is Rachael, and I write a home and entertaining blog called Lovely Crafty Home. I’m an ex engineer turned blogger and all around domestic goddess (yup, I said it).
My first born, Millie, and me.
I started writing LCH after we took our house off the market last year as a way to chronicle the changes I wanted to make. Once we decided to stay, I realized I could do a few things here and there to make our home more enjoyable for us and to perhaps help it sell better down the line. Since then, it’s been a great ride-learning new things and sharing them with you has been an amazing experience!
My husband Mike and I
At Lovely Crafty Home, you can find both large and small projects-from making monogram art
I dabble in a little bit of everything, learning as I go. Last year I learned to knit and opened up a baby shop called Babyfrog Designs. I make custom clothes and accessories!
I also really enjoy sewing, a new skill for me in the past few months or so. If it’s square-ish, I will sew it! Like this jewelry clutch
…or sometimes I get a little crazy and end up with Christmas stockings.
Some of my absolute favorite projects have been the most time consuming, like this book page wreath
But the best part of blogging is meeting new creative people who inspire me everyday! I hope you will stop by and visit me sometime at Lovely Crafty Home. I host a weekend linky party for you to share your awesome projects as well!
Thank you so much Ami for swapping with me!

Alie’s Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath

One day after walking home from the park, Alie stopped and was just staring at this wreath on someone’s door. It looked like thin wood hearts forming a circle.  I told her “Come on baby, Momma can make you one.”  So, I made her one.

I used foam in red and purple. I traced a heart on a piece of paper and then used the heart as a stencil for the foam. I cut out the hearts from the foam and then I glued the foam hearts onto a circle I cut from cardboard.
 While hot gluing the hearts to the cardboard I made a “boo-boo” I pulled the glue off after it tried but as you can see, it messed up my heart.
 SO, I made a bunch of little ribbon rosettes and glued them onto the hearts. SUCCESSFULLY covering up my boo-boo!
 I did all this while Alie napped too. When she woke up and saw it she stared at it just like the other wreath. I asked her what she thought and she said “Oh iss-oh cute!!” The sweetest compliment ever!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!
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